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History of Freeletics 2013-2020

History of Freeletics 2013-2020

An infodeck version of the history of Freeletics. Taken from a talk at Munich Startup Safari 2019.

Stephen M. Walker II

October 23, 2019

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  1. History of Freeletics 2013-2020 Stephen M. Walker II Head of

    Product, Freeletics
  2. Hello Stephen M. Walker II Head of Product, Freeletics

  3. Thanks for coming out tonight.

  4. Let me tell you about the history of Freeletics.

  5. SMWII Challenging and inspiring people to become their greatest version

  6. SMWII Before the apps 2013

  7. We started with a PDF plan, which fueled our growth

    into a mobile app business.
  8. It validated the core need: people don’t know what to

    do to achieve their fitness goals.
  9. SMWII Riding the mobile wave 2014 – 2015

  10. The first app was a companion to the PDF plan.

  11. But why have a PDF and an app, when you

    can just have an app?
  12. We then launched a free and paid app, but moved

    quickly to one subscription-based app.
  13. SMWII Holistic health & fitness expansion 2016 – 2017

  14. We continued to innovate for our customers, launching the Running,

    Gym, and Nutrition apps.
  15. SMWII Evolving into a training platform 2018 – 2019

  16. It turns out, our customers wanted all of those features

    in one app.
  17. We set out on a journey to integrate bodyweight, running,

    and weights into one Training app.
  18. But we aren’t stopping there…

  19. None
  20. In 2019 we began testing mindfulness and audio- based coaching.

    We’ll roll it out to the world in 2020.
  21. SMWII A holistic coach in your pocket 2020 and beyond

  22. We want to be the holistic health and fitness coach

    with a focus on Training, Nutrition, and Mindfulness.
  23. Open the app every day and have something to do

    to live a happier, healthier life.
  24. Body and mind.

  25. See you next time…