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Designing your company's DNA

Designing your company's DNA

Designing your Company's DNA, from startup to enterprise
From Design DNA 2018 @ Designit

Stephen M. Walker II

November 20, 2018

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  1. Designing Your Company DNA Startup to Enterprise Stephen M. Walker

    II Head of Product Design, Freeletics
  2. Intro

  3. “People at McDonald’s get trained for their positions, but people

    with far more complicated jobs don’t. It makes no sense.” – Ben Horowitz
  4. Capital One

  5. How do you build cohesive omni- channel experiences with 50K

    employees & 800 locations?
  6. Teach Design Thinking Integrate Adaptive Path

  7. Amazon

  8. How do you foster rapid, constant innovation with 72k global

  9. Standardize PR/FAQ Teach 
 Weekly Trainings

  10. Freeletics

  11. How do you solve the right problems at the right

  12. Document Practices + Secrets Teach 
 Embed + Train

  13. How do you shape your company?

  14. Design DNA Design Principles Methods + Software HCD/HCI

  15. Maker DNA Values Toolkit Knowledge

  16. Shape Your DNA Shared values, toolkit, and knowledge.

  17. Align Values Hiring Co-create Failure

  18. Invest in Training Tools Methods Secrets

  19. “Training is, quite simply, one of the highest-leverage activities.” –

    Andy Grove, CEO of Intel
  20. Thank you. @aethelyon