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How to stand out in a 2020 workforce

How to stand out in a 2020 workforce

This workshop will help you develop a plan of action to use your time in an online environment effectively, and intentionally develop key skills employers look for in job applicants.

We will show you how to find opportunities to grow, volunteer, complete virtual internships, find online courses that give you an edge and meet a whole new community of friends, peers and future colleagues.

When you sit across from a graduate recruiter next year and they ask "what did YOU do to make the most of your time in 2020?" you will be ready.


Student Guild

April 21, 2020


  1. Welcome! How To Stand Out in a 2020 Workforce Griffith

    University April 21st, 2020 Connect on LinkedIn by searching “Josh Farr”
  2. “ ” Our mission is to connect and develop the

    most influential leaders on campus.
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  4. University Clients Consulting, Advising, Partnerships & Pro-Bono

  5. Principles of Standing Out in 2020 ´ Give your study/work

    100% “The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the main thing.” - Brendon Burchard ´ Safe is the new risky “The biggest risk, is not to take risks.” - Seth Godin ´ Give “No one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank
  6. What is challenging this time?

  7. Where is the opportunity in this time?

  8. Today you will learn how to: • How to use

    his time to develop the Future-5 Skills Communication Skills, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills, Planning and Organisation, and Resilience • How to find opportunities, volunteer online, join a virtual hackathon, online courses, etc. • How to network with others and build some new relationships
  9. Where should I focus? ZONE 1 Last-minute, can’t be skipped

    RESULT = Stress + Burnout ZONE 2 Planning, creativity, strategy RESULT = Long-term Growth ZONE 3 Unimportant requests RESULT = Distracts from priorities ZONE 4 Time wasting, procrastination RESULT = No progress IMPORTANT URGENCY
  10. Communication Skills Teamwork Interpersonal Skills Planning and Organisation Resilience


  12. Hot Tip #1 Use Google Calendar to Manage Your Time

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  14. Procrastinating? Watch this!

  15. Hot Tip #2 Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to work towards

  16. Choose challenging goals to stand out in future job interviews

    HEALTH: Sleep Exercise Nutrition Mental Health Academics FUN: Holidays Adventures Experiences RELATIONSHIPS: Family Friends (New & Old) Romance Career PURPOSE: Charity Volunteering Giving Back Personal Development Finances
  17. Hot Tip #3 Do an Inside Sherpa Virtual Internship

  18. Select “Campus Consultancy” on the ‘Where did you hear about

    us?’ drop-down menu
  19. Inside Sherpa If you’re looking for a way to build

    practical skills and improve your employability, you can complete virtual internships with dozens of world leading companies on InsideSherpa. When you complete each one, you can add the experience to your CV and Linkedin profile and you’ll receive exclusive opportunities from the companies your participating with. This is an excellent way to stand out in job applications! Recruiters use this platform to find talented potential future employees and it is absolutely free for students to use. Click here to enrol ( Select “Campus Consultancy” on the ‘Where did you hear about us?’ drop-down menu
  20. Hot Tip #4 Join a club or Griffith volunteering group

    like MATES
  21. Griffith Mates FB: @griffithmates Griffith University Gold Coast Student

    Guild FB: @GUGCStudentGuild
  22. Hot Tip #5 Do an online course

  23. Start A Business Develop Communication Learn to Code Digital Branding

    Build an App Caring For Kids Learn English Prevent The Next Pandemic (Harvard) Neuroscience 101 (Harvard) 9-Free Courses To Try…
  24. Hot Tip #6 Delete apps, schedule ‘no- screen’ time

  25. This adds up to an average of 3hours & 15minutes!

  26. Hot Tip #7 Get up, get to work and make

    the most of your time
  27. Join us: ü Join #CLUB553, to sign up: ü Click

    “YES” in the feedback form today! ü Sign up to the Facebook group in the post-event email or ü Committing 5:53am wakeups (Mon-Fri) ü Schedule 60&YOU time for the first hour of the day (10-mins mindfulness, 30-mins exercise, 20-mins learning) ü Schedule 60&ONE time for the next hour of the day to be focussed on your #1 goal/priority for the day ü Schedule 60&RAP (Reflect-Analyse-Plan) time for the last hour of the week (Friday 4pm-5pm) to analyze how well you spent your time and plan for next week, reallocating time as per your 8-Goal Categories
  28. Books Mindset, by Carol Dweck Leaders Eat Last & Start

    With Why, by Simon Sinek The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown Good to Great, by Jim Collins LinchPin, by Seth Godin Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker Hope In The Dark, by Rebecca Solnit TED Talks Amy Cuddy (Body Language) Anika Molesworth (Being The Change) Simon Sinek (Golden Circle) Dan Pallotta (Charity Reframed) Rita Pierson (Education) Angela Duckworth (Grit) Tim Ferriss (Fear Setting) Susan Cain (Introverts) Drew Dudley (Small Acts of Leaders) Brené Brown (Vulnerability) … and me Josh Farr (Leadership)
  29. Remember… There will be a series registration emailed to you

    immediately after the session today! I encourage you to register for the whole series if you enjoyed this one. There is also a section where you can enter a question you may want addressed throughout the series.
  30. Please fill in the survey: Please fill in this 90-second

    survey to let me know what you got out of the workshops today: Can I help? Contact me at Search “Josh Farr” or Google: Search “Campus Consultancy” or Google: