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Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Did you know that 93% of making an impression is not what you say? In this workshop, you will practice the skills to compel employers to engage with you on a personal level, understand your motivations and be moved to act on your 'ask.'


Student Guild

May 05, 2020


  1. Welcome! Communication Skills Griffith University May 5th, 2020 ***Please update

    your name in ZOOM*** à Participants à Name à More à Rename à Please add a “y” in front of your name if you are open for others in this workshop to connect with you on LinkedIn Please Connect with me on LinkedIn by searching “Josh Farr”
  2. 5-Arms of Emotional Intelligence *Headline areas based on the Daniel

    Goleman Framework Self- Awareness Self- Regulation Motivation Empathy People Skills 1. Ikigai 2. Identity Crafting 3. Belief Mapping 4. Leadership 101 5. Leadership Archetypes 1. Emotional Regulation 2. Time-Management 3. Energy Management 4. Growth Mindset 1. Motivating Self/Teams 2. Goal-Setting 3. Lean Startup Strategy 1. Empathy Mapping 2. 12-Types of Empathy 3. Design Thinking 4. Conflict Management 1. Communication Skills 2. Personal Branding 3. Giving Effective Presentations 4. Teaching & Questioning Skills 5. Make an Impression & Sell Your Skills 6. Navigating Difficult Conversations
  3. Start of University Engineering Graduate Job Expectation vs Reality

  4. Start of University 1st Year Rep. NAAUC Participant Oaktree Fundraiser

    College Ball Director 180 Degrees Consultant Cookbook Marketing Coordinator Student Peer Mentor Student Fitness Ambassador Engineering Graduate Job CEVSOC 3rd Year Rep CEVSOC President Expectation vs Reality
  5. “ ” Our mission is to connect and develop the

    most influential leaders on campus.
  6. University Clients Consulting, Advising, Partnerships & Pro-Bono

  7. PART 1: HOW DO I COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY? Communicate using the

    55:38:7 formula.
  8. How has your day been?

  9. Body Language 55% Tone/Voice 38% Word Choice 7% Not smile

    -> frown Speed-fast Swearing shrug Tone – down, aggresive Focus on self (negative, didn’t have) Looking down Looking away Angry = loud Upset = quieter Not rhythmic, no flow How has your day been?
  10. Group Photo here

  11. Body Language 55% Voice/Tone 38% Word Choice 7% Smiling Raise

    the voice Happiness Hands up Vary it ”blessing/gift” Focus on have Open posture – shoulder back, not crossing arms Higher pitch Focus on what’s right Loud but not aggressive Positive adjectives How has your day been?
  12. How has your day been?

  13. 4-Elements of Body Language 7-Elements of Tone Face (smile, eyes,

    eyebrows) Fingers/Hands (pointing, open/closed) Arms/Legs (still/moving, big/small) Space (still/moving, props, sit/stand/run) Source: Youtube, People with no kids don't know Chunking Emphasis Length Pause Pitch Rhythm Volume
  14. Why is story-telling essential for you to make a positive

    impact on the world?
  15. Story of Self, Us & Now Source: Marshall Ganz, Kennedy

    School of Government, Harvard University Self Us Now Activity… IDENTIFY: • Who is the audience? • How can you improve their life? • What is it that you want the audience to do? 1. [SELF] What is a story of your own experience that SHOWS why that change/decision is important? (Problemà Choiceà Solution for you/Realisationà Better life) 2. [US] Ask the audience a question (find a pain/ambition they have). Share your value proposition (solution) 3. [NOW] Make your ask!
  16. Story of Self When I was… Then I was… Now

    I am…
  17. Story of Us Now I want you to know about…

    Please put your hand up if… Look how many of us have that in common! In fact, …
  18. Story of Now At <INSERT ORG> we help you by…

    To get involved, please…
  19. Challenge: heets/d/17_ZJIGOyJafX2e3E1yxY3 QQyJ6RvenfwmBhuikSToE4/edit? usp=sharing

  20. Thank You Do you have any questions for me?

  21. Books Mindset, by Carol Dweck Leaders Eat Last & Start

    With Why, by Simon Sinek The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown Good to Great, by Jim Collins LinchPin, by Seth Godin Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker Hope In The Dark, by Rebecca Solnit TED Talks Amy Cuddy (Body Language) Anika Molesworth (Being The Change) Simon Sinek (Golden Circle) Dan Pallotta (Charity Reframed) Rita Pierson (Education) Angela Duckworth (Grit) Tim Ferriss (Fear Setting) Susan Cain (Introverts) Drew Dudley (Small Acts of Leaders) Brené Brown (Vulnerability) … and me Josh Farr (Leadership)
  22. Today we’ve covered… • 0/5 modules: The Campus Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Framework • 1/22 modules: Campus Emotional Intelligence Framework • 0/10 modules: Campus Club Leadership Extension Framework Emotional Intelligence Leadership Extension Entrepreneurial Leadership
  23. Please fill in the survey: Please fill in this 90-second

    survey to let me know what you got out of the workshops today: Contact me at Search “Josh Farr” or Google: Search “Campus Consultancy” or Google: