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Small Batch Deployments 2019-04-02

April 02, 2019

Small Batch Deployments 2019-04-02

Small batch deployments
Sean Sullivan
April 2, 2019

#devops #continuousdelivery


April 02, 2019

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  1. 2003: Poppendieck * book published May 2003 Remember the rule

    of small batches: If you integrate changes in small batches, it will be infinitely easier to detect and fix problems.
  2. 2006: Poppendieck * book published September 2006 Work in small

    batches Reduce project size. Shorten release cycles. Stabilize. Repeat.
  3. 2010: Facebook * Velocity Conference, June 2010 a culture of

    making very frequent small changes if you've only changed one thing at a time, it is really easy to figure out what broke the site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEmJ_5UHs1g Robert Johnson
  4. * book published August 2010 2010: Continuous Delivery Imagine that

    you released frequently, so the delta between what is currently in production and the new release is small. If that were true, the risk of release would be greatly diminished
  5. Work in small batches. With a small batch size, you

    are reducing the amount of complexity that has to be dealt with at any one time by the people working on the batch. Break down large releases into small units of deployment 2012: Damon Edwards http://dev2ops.org/2012/03/devops-lessons-from-lean-small-batches-improve-flow/ * published March 2012
  6. each release is a rollback point small incremental releases actually

    help reduce risk 2012: Sam Newman * GeeCon, May 2012
  7. https://www.joelonsoftware.com/2012/07/09/software-inventory/ * published July 2012 2012: Joel Spolsky If you’re

    already shipping monthly, figure out how to ship weekly. Keep pushing the bar on more and more frequent deployment of smaller and smaller changes.
  8. How long would it take your organization to deploy a

    change that involved just one single line of code? Do you do this on a repeatable, reliable basis? * October 2012 2012: Jez Humble
  9. 2013: gilt.com continuous delivery is critical Every release is small.

    You know what's changed in production. If it doesn't work, rollback is simple * Surge conference, September 2013
  10. We love to deploy new code incrementally hundreds of times

    a day. And there's good reason for that: it's safer overall. Incremental deploys are easier to understand and fix than one gigantic deploy once a year. https://zachholman.com/talk/move-fast-break-nothing/ 2014: Github * published October 2014
  11. https://codeascraft.com/2015/02/20/re-introducing-deployinator-now-as-a-gem/ 2015: Etsy We deploy code about 40 times per

    day. This allows us to push smaller changes we are confident about and experiment at a fast rate. Jayson Paul * published February 2015
  12. in practice, large-impact, high- risk deployments end up happening infrequently

    due to understandable fear unfortunately, this means that our changes build up between releases 2015: Building Microservices * book published February 2015
  13. the bigger the delta between releases, the higher the risk

    that we’ll get something wrong! * book published February 2015 2015: Building Microservices
  14. throughout the book, I promote the need to make small,

    incremental changes one of the key drivers is to understand the impact of each alteration * book published February 2015 2015: Building Microservices
  15. 2015: gilt.com * QCon London, July 2015 simpler and easier

    deployments and rollbacks Yoni Goldberg teams can decide when they want to deploy deploy multiple times per day
  16. 2015: gilt.com * QCon London, July 2015 database schema changes

    are required to be incremental Yoni Goldberg database schema changes are released separately from service code
  17. * book published June 2016 2016: Microservice Architecture reducing the

    size of the deployment unit a notion we call “batch size reduction” reducing the size or scope of the problem
  18. emphasis on small batch sizes 2016: DevOps Handbook the principle

    of small batch sizes also applies to code reviews * book published October 2016
  19. the heart of doing evolutionary architecture is to make small

    changes * book published September 2017 2017: Building Evolutionary Architectures
  20. an architecture that allows small, incremental changes is easier to

    evolve because developers have a smaller scope of change 2017: Building Evolutionary Architectures * book published September 2017
  21. * second edition, published January 2018 designing for deployment gives

    you the ability to make large changes in small steps 2018: Release It!
  22. * second edition, published January 2018 to be successful, your

    software will be deployed early and often smaller, easier deployments mean you can make big changes over a series of small steps 2018: Release It!
  23. 2018: Michele Titolo Microservice deployments should be small. If you

    have small services, you are probably making small changes. * QCon New York, June 2018
  24. 2018: Michele Titolo One of the benefits of small changes

    is that you can release frequently * QCon New York, June 2018
  25. 2018: Charity Majors https://charity.wtf/2018/08/19/shipping-software-should-not-be-scary/ * published August 2018 suffice it

    to say that we now know that smaller and more frequent changes are much safer than larger and less frequent changes ship early, ship often, ship smaller change sets