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Introduction to Transtats

Sundeep Anand
September 01, 2017

Introduction to Transtats

Presented in Flock 2017 at The Resort and Conference Center, Hyannis, Massachusetts USA

Sundeep Anand

September 01, 2017

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  1. why: problem & proposed solution • What would be translation

    position across packages for release branches with respect to the current development and translation? • Transtats is an attempt to tie up loose ends and then, may be automate some of the steps. Concept is based on syncing with Translation Platform for statistics, comparing stats with Release Streams, managing translation differences, keep upstream updated and create notifications.
  2. how: create mapping Almost Done In Progress Planned Zanata and

    Damned Lies [Translation Platform] Release Schedule and Build System [Releases] GitHub and Pagure [Upstream] notifications stats snapshots work estimation trans diff, check scratch builds with latest
  3. why: jobs engine --- job: buildsys: {{ koji }} container:

    true exception: raise name: "test anaconda" return_type: json package: {{ anaconda }} tags: - f26 task: - fetch SRPM ... type: i18nTestSRPM To make TS-JOBS more dynamic - YML based jobs - is planned be introduced.