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Beyond the noise of social networks - designing niche personal communities everywhere

Beyond the noise of social networks - designing niche personal communities everywhere

Future of web design London 2013 talk : http://futureofwebdesign.com/london-2013/


Tammie Lister

May 14, 2013

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  1. - designing niche, personal, communities everywhere. Beyond the noise of

    social networks Text
  2. A little about me...

  3. None
  4. Generated by http://tweereal.com

  5. I haz headache!

  6. Niche is the antidote

  7. Tribes

  8. ASL times

  9. http://ianozsvald.com/2013/04/17/visualising-london-brighton-and-the-uk-using-geo-tweets/

  10. Social networks won’t foster passion, commitment, or identity on a

    large scale. For that, you need to form relationships and gradually form the gravitational attraction between them that characterizes community. Andy Oram ‘Social networks are not communities and other discussions from the Community Leadership Summit
  11. Niche?

  12. 0 The past Today The rise of the niche

  13. A community is...

  14. A community is... personal

  15. None
  16. A community is... for change

  17. None
  18. A community is... for learning

  19. A community is... for learning

  20. A community is... being heard

  21. None
  22. A community is... sharing

  23. None
  24. A community is... recording

  25. None
  26. A community is... because

  27. None
  28. Community design = design + psychology + herding

  29. None
  30. Everywhere community

  31. The future is...

  32. Time zones aside, there’s little difference between my social media

    feeds during working hours and in the evenings: it’s the same mix of personal and professional contacts, posting the same mix of personal and professional content. Gary Marshall
  33. The future is... device free

  34. Learn from mobile

  35. The future is... accessible

  36. Pay attention, be aware

  37. The future is... contextual

  38. Self aware

  39. Beyond...

  40. Thank you @karmatosed logicalbinary.com

  41. Sites included : https://my.macmillan.org.uk/Home/mymacmillan http://www.barefootguide.org http://mainelearning.net http://downsyndrome.com http://littlesketchers.com http://www.ww2videomemories.com/ http://sweethatclub.org