You Are Not Your Audience: How to Create User Centered Design

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March 25, 2017

You Are Not Your Audience: How to Create User Centered Design

1. You Are Not Your Audience: How to Create User Centered Design

2. Hi, i'm @tapps
I'm a Partner & Director of UX + Creative at Corner Market Media []

3. Why user centered design?

4-5. (Digg v4 fail)

6-7. (Google Wave fail)

8. How to create user-centered design. Let’s look at some common mistakes and how to avoid them…

9. #1 - Jargon

10. Combat confusing site navigation

11-12. Card Sort []

13. Site content that your audience understands

14. Google; User survey

15. "it’s better to be clear than to be clever"

16. #2 Mission Fail

17. My amazing new site / My desired audience

18. Audience is not happy

19. Sad keanu

20. New website failed.

21. A thorough discovery process

22. Stakeholder Interviews
- What is your role in this project?
- Who is this project for?
- What does success of this project look like to you?
- How does this site/organization/product/service improve the lives of your audience/users?

23-24. User stories

25. "What would Richard do?"
— What you should always be asking

26-27. #3 Not accessible

28. (Facebook video with captions)
Up to 85% video on Facebook watched without sound.

29. Accessibility = people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers.

30. Accessibility = people with disabilities can use this.

31. Usability = my audience can achieve specified goals effectively, efficiently and with satisfaction in a specified context of use.

32. Usability = my audience can use this.

33. Person = Your Audience

34. Person with some type of limited ability = Also your audience

35. Accessibility = Usability

36. (because remember, that you are not your audience, and your audience is not exactly like you)

37. Accessibility = Usability

38. Accessibility Testing Tools:
508 Compliance info

39-41. Accessibility Testing Tools:
WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

42-43. Accessibility Testing Tools:

44-45. Accessibility Testing Tools:
Accessibility Developer Tools (chrome plugin)

46. Accessibility Testing Tools: The User

47. User Testing

48. User Testing:
- Enlist some people,
- Prepare some goals & questions
- Conduct test & monitor results
- Ask some more questions
- Compile data

49. OR

50. User Testing (my parents on their phones)

51. "if it’s not accessible it’s not useable."

51. Speak clearly to your audience, design intentionally for your user base, and for the love of all that is good in the world, make everything accessible!

53. Questions?



March 25, 2017