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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

DevOps methods enable teams to ship software more quickly and frequently but that advantage is negated unless the reliability and sustainability practices of operations teams are included throughout planning and execution. Too many organizations that rapidly ‘sheep dip’ development teams in Agile practices that focus at the team level ignore the implications that arise at programme scale. Join this exclusive webinar with Dan North of DNA who will discuss how enterprise IT teams can enable collaboration without coercion. Attendees will learn how optimizations can be leveraged across both dev and ops teams so that the constraints that arise in stovepiped approaches are avoided.

Daniel Terhorst-North

September 29, 2015

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  1. DevOps:  With  Great  Power   Comes  Great  Responsibility Dan  North

    Principal   Dan  North  &   Associates  Ltd.
  2. Once  upon  a  time… Define •Business  case •Requirements •Feasibility Develop

    •Design •Code •Test Deploy •Prepare   environments •Release @tastapod
  3. Development  was  the  bottleneck Define •Business  case •Requirements •Feasibility Develop

    •Design •Code •Test Deploy •Prepare   environments •Release @tastapod
  4. Agile  methods  alleviated  this Define •Business  case •Requirements •Feasibility Develop

    •Design •Code •Test Deploy •Prepare   environments •Release @tastapod
  5. Deployment  became  the  bottleneck Define •Business  case •Requirements •Feasibility Develop

    •Design •Code •Test Deploy •Prepare   environments •Release @tastapod
  6. Agile  manifesto  is  based  on  values People and Interactions over

    Processes and Tools Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation Adapting to Change over Following a Plan @tastapod
  7. Consistency  requires programme  thinking • The  programme is  bigger  than

     any  single  team -­‐ Just  like  the  team  is  bigger  than  any  single  member • The  programme  includes  all the  stakeholders -­‐ Upstream,  downstream and  sideways • Consistency across  the  programme  is  king @tastapod
  8. Consistency  comes  from collaboration • Collaboration  across  dev teams •

    Collaboration  between  dev team  and  ops team • Collaboration  on  tooling and  automation • Collaboration  on  process and  safeguards @tastapod
  9. Treat  Ops as  first-­‐class  users • The  log file  is

     a  user  interface • “The”  log  file  is  dead,  long  live  monitoring • Monitoring and  alerting are  first-­‐class concerns • Warnings  are  warnings,  errors  are  errors • Design as  though  you  are  on  call @tastapod