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2012 Language Technology Summit - iEnterprise

2012 Language Technology Summit - iEnterprise

Presentation of some problems related to language in the Intelligent Enterprise, and how to overcome them thanks to the use of technology. In particular, we will present some problems related to translation and the quality differentiation that is needed today.

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  1. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #1 tauyou <language technology>

    the intelligent Enterprise Diego Bartolomé, CEO
  2. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #2 some pains selling

    in your own market is not enough people want to buy in their own language In fact, they always prefer it! customers comment in their own language ... companies shall respond and adapt to it
  3. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #3 a sample of

    innovations in this area simplified writing to reduce translation costs quality differentiation depending on content raw machine translation machine translation + post-editing crowdsourcing human translation real-time multidirectional translation online multilingual monitoring
  4. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #4 some barriers do-nothing

    stratgy is alive if we have been selling this way since ... internal discussions language strategy vs. business strategy coherence focus – time, money and effort customer reluctance e.g. no machine translation
  5. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #5 Thanks! // Diego

    Bartolomé, PhD <address> C/ Les Planes 39 – 08201 Sabadell – Spain <phone> +34 93 711 29 96 <cell> +34 670 331 225 <email> [email protected] <www> tauyou.com