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2013 From a PhD into a technology company

2013 From a PhD into a technology company

This is the set of slides for the entrepreneurial life presentation at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The main idea is to explain the things I've done and the lessons learned, so that PhD students think about the possibility of creating a company. We need more entrepreneurs. Can this motivate them to build a great company?

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  1. Researcher Entrepreneur

  2. Dare

  3. The Fear to Start you fail if you don't try

  4. Research phase Fairness Analysis of Wireless Beamforming Schedulers

  5. 3 Lessons Learned Focus on a problem and propose solutions

    Join disciplines (economy + technology) Technical presentation skills
  6. Either you Succeed or Learn

  7. Ta With You

  8. Nothing in Life is as Expected

  9. tauyou <language technology> Machine Translation Solutions for LSPs

  10. 3 Lessons Learned Focus on a product or service WORK

    HARD Look for clients as soon as possible MARKET VALIDATION Start small THINK BIG - DREAM
  11. Above All

  12. the people who are crazy enough to think they can

    change the world, are the ones who do 1997 ad from Apple