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2013 Elia ND München

2013 Elia ND München

In today’s competitive market, LSPs face multiple challenges for future growth. The industry is changing in giant leaps and LSPs are reinventing themselves as Language Solution Partners as sophisticated customers require services in which technology plays a key role. To meet these demands, Nova and tauyou have partnered in a collaboration that is developing language solutions with a clear focus on innovation. In this session, we will describe the methodology used to identify, develop and test new products and services, and our initial outcomes. Among these innovations, we will comment on Machine Translation and the development of an API to communicate Nova with the customer’s documentation (CMS, webs, social media, etc.), streamlining processes, lowering administrative burdens and expediting the delivery of services.

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  1. The Need to Innovate High Power of Buyers Almost no

    entry barriers Low Differentation of Suppliers Subsititutes: Online MT Crowdsourcing Translation is a commodity Market trends: Words produced Changing role of LSP Internal driver: Ambition for growth
  2. Why In Cooperation Nova Language Services Knowledge of the market

    Clients worldwide Process and linguistic skills tauyou <language solutions> Technological skills Innovation history
  3. A Business Model Canvas Blue-chip companies End clients Value pricing

    Direct sales SEO/SEM Automated solutions R+D Sales People Time Newness Performance Cost Integrators Technology partners Sales HW/SW infrastructure People
  4. Cooperation Process Based on Lean principles Idea Generation Filtering Minimum

    Viable Product Implementation Market/Customer Validation Product Improvement Iterate or Pivot Cooperation process
  5. BACKGROUND Romance language combinations Spanish and Catalan MT since 2002

    50% productivity increase 35% margin increase Better use of language experts CHALLENGES 60% of production in other languages Medical, legal and financial domains Attitude of providers toward technology Partnering scheme Implementation costs OBJECTIVES 10% margin increase 25% increase in productivity Faster turnarounds Integration with CAT workflow Greater competitiveness, larger accounts MT - 2009
  6. Double-digit margin increase 28% faster turnarounds Improved TM-MT-terminology process Medical

    content (clinical trial protocols) Higher volumes to best providers Lower percentage error Different service levels More competitive quotes Meet aggressive deadlines Lowest complaint rate : 0% Larger accounts x6 volume increase 2010-2012 10 Million words in 2012 ES ↔ EN CA GL PT EN FR IT MT - 2012
  7. It is a system level connection that allows the client's

    system to order translations directly, without requiring manual input. API An API is like a direct link between the client's website or CMS and the LSP
  8. BACKGROUND Increasing demand of web translation High volumes of short,

    regular updates Management time + multiple versions Manual copy-pasting TAUS translation API specifications CHALLENGES IT development time/costs Difficult to understand by clients Implementation and testing with existing clients Adaptation to open standards and different CMS OBJECTIVES Increase customer satisfaction and retention Reduce PM tasks Faster turnarounds Automation of e- contents translation workflow E-commerce and tech companies API
  9. BACKGROUND Importance of Social Media Marketing Instantaneous dissemination of a

    variety of contents Need to reach final clients in their native language Need to monitor and manage social media reputation CHALLENGES Language: “Internet Speak” New Formats Hybrid Translation Context-less contents Fast-response Workflow and relation with translators OBJECTIVES PM automation Creation of a separate Workflow Design of a new business model Almost real-time turnarounds Larger accounts Social Media Translation
  10. Thanks Diego Bartolome CEO tauyou language technology @diegobartolome [email protected] Guillem

    Vidal COO AV & Interpreting Dpt. Nova Language Services @NovaLanguageSer [email protected]