Intro to the National Reporting Toolkit

Intro to the National Reporting Toolkit

My Ignite introduction to the National Reporting Toolkit (NRT), which was given to WCMC as part of the WCMC Informatics Ignite Talks


James Cox-Morton

August 09, 2013


  1. N obody R emembers T LAs* *Three-letter-acronyms

  2. National Reporting Toolkit Improving State of Environment Reporting Funded by

    AGEDI*, through UNEP *(Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative)
  3. Improved State Of Environment Reporting (SOER)means decision makers can make

    better decisions
  4. What makes a good SOER? Up-to-date data with narrative to

    give context
  5. ‘Live’ness • Best: Users can find, interact, download and connect

    to reporting data • Better: User can interact with the data online • OK: Report as PDF download • Bad: Not online Live Reporting
  6. N is for National NRT

  7. 3 Phases Year 1 Abu Dhabi Year 3 Regional Reporting

    Year 2 United Arab Emirates + 3-5 other countries
  8. R is for reporting NRT

  9. Making Data (Indicators) Meaningful

  10. Components of a Report

  11. Visualising data

  12. Maps

  13. T is for Toolkit NRT

  14. Click to download

  15. NRT - Phase one Building a tool to help Abu

    Dhabi build better SOERs
  16. User requirements trips

  17. Iterations • Sprint • Tidy • Release • Feedback •

  18. Sprint

  19. What we built

  20. What we built