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Wooing eCommerce with WordPress

5ecaa75cfaa9f359c001705a999e8e99?s=47 Brent Shepherd
November 16, 2013

Wooing eCommerce with WordPress

WordCamp Orlando presentation to introduce WooCommerce, both the plugin and the ecosystem.


Brent Shepherd

November 16, 2013

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  1. ing eCommerce with WordPress

  2. @thenbrent http://brent.io

  3. ing eCommerce with WordPress

  4. What is WooCommerce?

  5. free (as in beer) WordPress shopping cart + open-source -

    free to do anything with it + community developed 190 contributors + backed by a respected company + support in every timezone + rapidly growing user base + hundreds of extensions
 ______________________ = DREAM COME TRUE What is WooCommerce?
  6. WooCommerce 1.0 0 downloads
 1 x free theme
 6 x

    official themes
 9 x official extensions Today A Brief History +1 month 27 Sept. 2011 310,000 downloads
 24 x official themes 
 145 x official extensions
 30+ third party themes
 50+ third party extensions
 $500,000+ of extension sales +1 year 27 Oct. 2011 14,000 downloads 10 x official themes 20 x official extensions Jan 2012 Sept. 2012 +4 months 1,800,000 downloads
 39 x official themes 
 200+ official extensions
 200+ third party themes
 400+ third party extensions WooCommerce 2.0 +2 years WooCommerce 1.4 45,000 downloads
 16 x official themes 
 52 x official extensions
  7. WooCommerce Stats Source: http://trends.builtwith.com/ Top Million Sites

  8. WooCommerce Stats Source: http://trends.builtwith.com/

  9. What can I do with WooCommerce?

  10. Publish Your Products

  11. Publish Your Products

  12. Simple Products

  13. Variable Products

  14. Variable Products

  15. Variable Products

  16. Variable Products

  17. Grouped Products

  18. Grouped Products

  19. Shopping Cart

  20. Shopping Cart

  21. Checkout

  22. Checkout

  23. Payments

  24. Payments

  25. Payments

  26. Orders

  27. Edit Order

  28. Customer’s Order View

  29. Coupons

  30. Shipping

  31. Reports

  32. How is WooCommerce used?

  33. Stores for BETTER

  34. LOCALLY PRODUCED SNACK BOX SERVICE www.goodyfoodssf.com

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  38. MAKING IT EASIER TO GET THAT COFFEE FIX www.bluestarcoffeeroasters.com

  39. FOOD FOR OUR FURRY FRIENDS TOO www.alphadogfood.com

  40. Stores for SERVICES

  41. TRAINING REAL NINJAS IN A REAL DOJO www.hakkoryu-kennin.org Ninja beget

    Ninja Huzzah!
  42. ADDING SPICE SALSA TO LIFE www.gottasalsa.com

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  44. MAKING LIVES MORE MUSICAL www.hdpiano.com

  45. Stores for those ESSENTIALS

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  49. Really

  50. 60,000 BOOKS FOR KIDS KINDERS www.kinder-book.de

  51. “HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS” OF ORDERS www.woothemes.com

  52. 30,000 GROOVY TRACKS, ON VINYL www.soulbrother.com

  53. Really

  54. JUST THE ONE PRODUCT www.designerfounders.com

  55. Stores in any

  56. PARTS FOR ROBOT MAKERS IN TURKEY www.robotus.net

  57. PANTYHOSE, IN NETHERLANDS www.pantyabonnement.nl

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  59. Stores to turn WooCommerce UPSIDE DOWN

  60. PARKING SPOTS MAPPED TO A PRODUCT www.tailgatersparking.com


  62. Stores for ALL THE THINGS

  63. RENTING THE POWER TO WALK AGAIN www.flexleg.com

  64. RENTING THE POWER TO WALK AGAIN www.flexleg.com

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  67. PREVENTING CLIMATE CHANGE www.terrapass.com

  68. The best thing about iPhone 
 is not iPhone

  69. The best thing about iPhone 
 is not iPhone it’s

    the games Apps
  70. The best thing about WooCommerce 
 is not WooCommerce

  71. The best thing about WooCommerce 
 is not WooCommerce it’s

    the extensions ... and themes ... and support ... but mostly the extensions
  72. Stripe, Authorize.net, all the PayPals and 100 other payment gateways

    Payments Accounting Shipping Miscellaneous Subscriptions Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, 
 and more USPS, FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, New Zealand Post, Canada Post & 20 more My personal fav - but I’m a little biased. Gravity Forms, Name your Price, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Pinterest, Pre-orders, Twitter Product Cards
  73. LEARN MORE: www.woothemes.com/woocommerce DOWNLOAD: www.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce Thank You!