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The pragmatic agilist

The pragmatic agilist

If you're pragmatic, you're practical and living in the real world. If you're agile, you adapt easily. This is how we have adopted and evolved an agile methodology in practice so far @ Agilize Cloud Accounting (https://www.agilize.com.br).

Thiago Colares

September 15, 2018

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  1. Hallo! I’M THIAGO COLARES Agile manager Full stack developer Open

    source Co-founder @ Agilize Cloud Accounting @thicolares
  2. WE... always miss planned hours don’t believe in estimates get

    lost with the unforeseen have low self-esteem
  3. Design spike Spike Bug Task Chore Story Epic Un known

    Not yet classified or understood.
  4. Story Bug Chore Spike Design spike Epic Un known Task

    We estimate We log the time spent
  5. WE SPENT A LOT OF TIME... fixing bugs silly and

    recurring ones too struggling on evolving
  6. • SANITY CHECKS We can’t help ourselves • IN-HOUSE TALKS

    Every friday • AUTOMATED TESTING DOJO Open to the community • KPI DASHBOARD Geckoboard, Prometheus + Grafana

    Coding standard and Naming conventions • UNIT TESTS It became a habit • CODE REVIEW It became a habit ...
  8. FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT There are no stupid questions Mutual respect and

    admiration Questions are welcome There's no room for ego
  9. 909 editions Mutual collaboration 0% orders (just some nudges) The

    team have asked for this slide 161 pages In a year
  10. Daily meeting 1.5 hour 30min 2 week 1 week 24h

    Planning meeting 1 day 1h Retrospective meeting. 1h Backlog grooming (during the sprint) Faster feedback 1-to-1 feedbacks. 15min Criteria acceptance
  11. PLANNING MEETING Same location, same time Everybody Review velocity Clarify

    acceptance criteria Negotiate activities Estimate Time-boxed (1h)
  12. GIVEN Pre-conditions Past tense. Passive voice WHEN Action to be

    tested (only one) Present tense. Active voice THEN Changes expected after that action Future tense. Passive voice
  13. USER ADDS ITEM TO CART GIVEN I'm a logged-in User

    And I visited the Item page WHEN I click "Add item to cart" THEN The quantity of items in my cart will go up And my subtotal should increment And the warehouse inventory should decrement
  14. DAILY MEETING Same location, same time Everybody Report to the

    leader Team communication Risk mitigation Time-boxed (30min)
  15. DURING Remarkable beginning Open-ended questions Address uncomfortable issues Give constructive

    criticism Work together to find a solution Share your experiences too End on a positive note
  16. RETROSPECTIVE MEETING Yes-no past actions Happy Sad Questions New ideas

    do try Top 3 sadnesses → Actions Time-boxed (30min)
  17. IMPACT > speed INNOVATION > predictability DELIVER VALUE > arbitrary

    deadline RECOVERING FROM BUGS > controlling them PEOPLE > processes TRUST > control
  18. SPECIAL THANKS TO ◦ The time and the battle in

    the wild :) ◦ “Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change”, Kent Beck ◦ “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”, http://agilemanifesto.org/ ◦ Teammates at Agilize Cloud Accounting ◦ Maurício Vieira, for discussions and insightfulness ◦ So many articles and friends that inspire me every day