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Welcome to JavaScript

Welcome to JavaScript

Learn JavaScript by following a simple and practical example. The goal of the talk is to give beginners the tools to learn on their own.

Ahmed Omran

July 10, 2015

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  1. JavaScript is the language of the web • Standardized as

    ECMAScript (latest stable is version 5) • Browsers implement this standard in their engines. e.g. Chrome (browser) => V8 (engine) • ECMAScript 6 standard finalized June 2015
  2. what do we need? • a way to respond to

    user actions (e.g. click!) • a way to make changes to the pages (e.g. select the text-area’s contents)
  3. !!!

  4. What did we learn? • DOM and API • Mozilla

    Developer Network • Types: String, Number • Variables • events and addEventListener • Functions • Statements and semicolons • DOM interfaces, Objects, properties and methods.