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Getting better at this "usability" thing

Getting better at this "usability" thing

A talk I gave to the Wellington Web Standards group .


Justine Sanderson

November 17, 2005


  1. Intro Getting better at this usability thing Justine Sanderson |

    Web Standards Group, Wellington 17 November 2005 © 2005 Justine Sanderson
  2. The challenge

  3. The desired outcome

  4. None
  5. Ethnographic Research

  6. Ethnographic Research

  7. Contextual Enquiry

  8. Participatory Design

  9. Prototyping

  10. Usability Testing

  11. Parallel track to ongoing development work Activities prior to development

    Ongoing user familiarisation (‘urban safaris’) User Research ‘Generic’ personas Personas for target audience Study of patterns Usability tests to uncover specific usability issues Conversation tool Artifacts
  12. Set aside a day a month

  13. 1. User Familiarisation Step out of your environment

  14. 'I don't know who discovered water, but it wasn't a

    fish.' Step out of your environment
  15. You are not the user you are not the user

  16. hang out with people who don’t use a computer 8

    hours a day
  17. architect cleaner waitress policeman teacher gardener farmer midwife receptionist musician

    builder marine biologist nurse florist photographer sales assistant nanny plumber sharetrader banana ripener accountant journalist coach politician student machine operator truck driver manager secretary
  18. Urban safaris

  19. Observing in context How do people actually use and experience

    websites? How often do they use them? How satisfied are they? What are their wants and needs? What are their suggestions for improvement?
  20. People do strange things on their computers

  21. Passwords on post it notes

  22. You do not have their undivided attention

  23. Personas

  24. Personas

  25. Mood board

  26. 2. Ideation thinking of alternatives

  27. Brainstorming Rules Defer judgment Encourage wild ideas Build on the

    ideas of others Stay focused on topic One conversation at a time Be visual Go for quantity
  28. Brainstorming session

  29. Have a conversation with your team

  30. Participatory Design: Card Sorting

  31. Card Sorting Workshops “great exercise, I’d use this in my

    own work!” “chance to get involved at basic level” “good to interact & hear how others in team were thinking”
  32. 3. Usability Evaluation …from the bottom up

  33. Study Patterns

  34. www.welie.com

  35. Study Patterns

  36. A C E G

  37. 4. UCD artefacts start a conversation with your team

  38. Examples Reading and discussing scenarios Identifying opportunities for design Producing

    a paper prototype Developing a picture use scenario Presenting design ideas Group discussions DIS Seminar – Melbourne – August 2004
  39. Make the data real Walls – beyond whiteboards by Mark

    Rettig (www.marcrettig.com/writings/rettig.walls.72dpi.pdf )
  40. Make things together

  41. Collaboration

  42. So can you start using these techniques tomorrow?

  43. It’s easy and it’s fun

  44. You are not the user

  45. There are a lot of techniques out there

  46. You can learn about patterns

  47. Start tomorrow!

  48. thank you justine@userfaction.com

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