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Analysing the results of a card sort

Analysing the results of a card sort

Another talk I gave to TCANZ - The Technical Communication Association of New Zealand.

Justine Sanderson

July 30, 2007

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  1. Justine Sanderson Userfaction Ltd Analysing the results of a card

 & identifying a suitable site structure
  2. Analysing the Results Spending time with your data 1"

  3. Analysing the results 1.  List the category names and card

    groupings provided by participant 2.  Aggregate all the participant-generated category names and sort alphabetically 3.  Look for similarities and standardize 4.  Check back that the standardized categories contain the same cards 1"
  4. Spreadsheet demo

  5. Other resources •  Cluster analysis; dendograms •  Joe Lamantia’s spreadsheet

    •  Donna Maurer’s spreadsheet Other analysis tools"
  6. Identifying a site structure It doesn’t have to be a

    hierarchy 2"
  7. Identifying a structure 2" Academic/Teaching/ Students CECIL student statistics teaching

    awards admissions & enrolment exam timetables graduation library nDeva plagiarism & cheating room bookings teaching days chart SLC examination office tuition fees office student records powerpoint templates Key Dates exam timetables graduation teaching days chart year at a glance HR/Staff/Personal Info career resources CPD courses creche/childcare disability services equal employment opportunity health & safety leave balance leave form pay days recruitment info staff guide superannuation vacancies disciplinary action leave policy scholarships for staff creche application HR connect EEO collective employment agreements promotion/continuation short courses Continuing Education HR contacts EAP doctor/dentist, etc Quick Links library nDeva staff directory University calendar webmail campus map CECIL Forms/Policies disciplinary action internet security leave policy media contact guidelines plagiarism & cheating copyright rules leave form finance forms IT Access forms News & Events events noticeboard short courses Continuing Education Research research database research reports library media contact guidelines uniservices PBRF Campus/ Access/Building building maintenance bus timetable campus map parking rec centre room bookings security card key control property services parking application access hours Computing/IT computer access copyright rules dial-in access helpdesk web page guidelines internet security webmail vector art/logos powerpoint templates vector art/logos IT Access forms Finance/Puchasing account codes PeopleSoft Financials preferred suppliers purchasing travel stuff finance forms
  8. Issues Methodology | Hierarchies | Labelling !"

  9. Card Sorting Issues •  Card sorting evaluates how people categorize

    things when they see ALL of the content - BUT - •  When visiting websites, visitors do NOT know all the information contained on the website 1"
  10. Example •  Rugby •  Surfing •  Netball •  Fishing • 

    Tennis •  Tramping •  Sports –  Rugby –  Netball –  Tennis •  Hobbies –  Fishing –  Tramping –  Surfing
  11. Example Sports Surfing? Hobbies

  12. Hierarchy issues People keep pretending they can make things hierarchical,

    categorizable, and sequential when they can't. Everything is deeply intertwingled. — Ted Nelson 2" l z
  13. Measures of a good hierarchy

  14. Indistinct Categories If users have to visit all 3 categories,

    the distinction may not be clear enough
  15. Labelling Issues 3" 1.  Merge categories 2.  Split categories 3. 

    Rename 4.  Explain
  16. Tips to improve labelling •  Avoid high-level, non-words •  Make

    labels longer, more explanatory •  Provide explanatory text •  Show the children of that category •  Rename and retest
  17. Width vs. depth It is better to have: •  MORE

    finer-grain categories - than - •  LESS high-level categories
  18. Traditional navigation schemes

  19. Alphabetical" Topics" Audiences"

  20. Alternative models •  Alphabetical •  Chronological •  Geographical •  Guided

    maps •  Lifestages •  Facets •  A combination of the above
  21. Alphabetical Topics •  Animals –  Dog Registration –  Possum Control

    –  … •  Environmental Care –  Beach water quality –  Water conservation –  … A-Z Index •  Beach water quality •  Dog Registration •  Possum Control •  Water conservation 1"
  22. Chronological •  Press Releases –  2007 –  2006 –  2005

  23. Geographical •  Councillors –  Northern Ward –  Central Ward – 

    Eastern Ward 3"
  24. Guided Maps/Lifestages Next : Employee Benefits > 4"

  25. Thank you! Questions?