Camera2 API and beyond

860bf040d996601213e05747dd661c23?s=47 Tomoaki Imai
November 21, 2018

Camera2 API and beyond

Android development is becoming easy to jump in day by day. There are so many convenient development tools such as Jetpack. However, when it comes to Camera2, there's still a big hurdle for newcomers to understand the whole picture of how it works and what can be possible.

One reason why Camera2 confuses developers is that there are many callbacks that we have to manage just to take one picture.

In this session, I’m giving you a guide to understand this complex system so that you can develop and customize your own Camera app. I’m going to explain the step by step photo shooting flow by looking into how each callback interacts with a Camera device. Then, I will dive into more advanced usage such as how to customize settings and add OpenGL shading into the process of shooting a photo or video.


Tomoaki Imai

November 21, 2018