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The Landscape of Digital Humanities Librarianship: Making Space for DH

November 04, 2012

The Landscape of Digital Humanities Librarianship: Making Space for DH

My presentation for a panel on "The Landscape of Digital Humanities Librarianship" at the DLF Forum 2012 http://www.diglib.org/forums/2012forum/the-landscape-of-digital-humanities-librarianship/


November 04, 2012

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  1. Making Space for DH! The Landscape of Digital Humanities Librarianship!

    4 November 2012! Trevor Muñoz! Associate Director, MITH! Assistant Dean for ! Digital Humanities Research,! University Libraries! [email protected]! @trevormunoz!
  2. Brief history! MITH is a research center founded in 1999,

    through a challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities! Supported by the College of Arts and Humanities, the University Libraries, and soft money!
  3. Core! Doing digital humanities in the library should be (re)centered

    on the research questions and intellectual agendas of librarians.!
  4. Curriculum! Workshop: Introduction to Digital Humanities! Workshop: Developing Research Ideas!

    Workshop: Acquiring, Preparing, & Working with Data! Workshop: Project Development Best Practices!
  5. Goal! I hope it will be a safe space that

    we as leaders in the libraries and MITH have carved out where new people can experiment with digital humanities and imagine new projects for librarians (and perhaps their future collaborators, whether they be faculty members or not).! http://bit.ly/landscape-of-dh! “! ”!