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Data Curation You Can Taste

Data Curation You Can Taste

Presentation with Lydia Zvyagintseva at the ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group Meeting at the ALA Annual Conference, June 29, 2014


July 01, 2014

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  1. Data Curation You Can Taste Improving crowd-sourced data from the

    New York Public Library’s menu transcription project
  2. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Data from What’s On the Menu? presents an

    interesting curation challenge because …
  3. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Who am I ? A keener with a

    library card, UAlberta student, data enthusiast
  4. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Why data curation ? Collections Information architecture Public

    Services Systems & IT Project management Digital Humanities Community engagement
  5. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv There's a lot of data behind What's on

    the Menu?: a mix of simple bibliographic description of the menus (created by The New York Public Library) and the culinary and economic content of the menus themselves (transcribed by you). Now we're opening it up.” “
  6. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv All data generated through What’s On the Menu?

    is available as spreadsheet exports via an application programming interface (API) menus.nypl.org/data
  7. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Use Cases I would like to work on

    your menus to analyze wines that are available.… My project is to build a database to localize the wines” “ I’d love to get access to the API to get an idea of how different cuisines – and in particular African cuisines – are represented in the data.” “
  8. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Use Cases … a term project for our

    Advanced Natural Language Processing class. We are proposing a project to track food trends over time as well as by city within the U.S.” “ cont’d
  9. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv “hacker ethic”/rapid dev cycle—make it & revise value-added

    service curation as publication collaborative community engagement
  10. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Post-project Open Data civic hackathon, HackYEG ERA: Repo

    Lyfe OpenEdmonton—digital civic engagement group Thesis? Lydia
  11. @trevormunoz @lydia_zv Post-project Trevor Using menus data to teach data

    curation to digital humanists Testing tools with real data New research collaborations around curating menus data
  12. Data curation as not just a technical activity but also

    an engagement with publics Data curation and digital humanities practices can each inform the other Multiple representations of the data set force us, as curators, to make decisions about significant properties—what matters