Offline rules (Full Frontal 2012)

Fd1af6cc88403788ae1e5710871bbf62?s=47 Andrew Betts
November 09, 2012

Offline rules (Full Frontal 2012)

In the last couple of years a deluge of new offline storage technologies have appeared. I'll explain why they are all excellent and rubbish at the same time, why you need to use all of them, and walk through the techniques to consider when building a web application that can load and function with no network connectivity. But making use of client side storage is not just necessary to make an app that works offline - it can also hugely improve the user experience of your site when the user does have connectivity as well. The examples will feature real-life code from our FT and the Economist applications, so you know that the techniques here are applicable to large, complex problems and not just contrived examples.


Andrew Betts

November 09, 2012