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これからはじめるAzure Kinect

これからはじめるAzure Kinect

HoloLens ミートアップ @cluster vol.1 ~VR空間での実施だよ!~


Tsukasa Sugiura

April 22, 2020


  1. これからはじめるAzure Kinect Tsukasa Sugiura

  2. Microphone Array Color Camera Depth Sensor ( IR Projector +

    IR Camera )
  3. Microphone Array Depth Sensor ( IR Camera + IR Emitter

    ) Color Camera
  4. Color Camera Depth Sensor (ToF) Circular Microphone Array

  5. Azure Kinect Introduction Azure Kinect Sensor SDK Azure Kinect Body

    Tracking SDK - Color, Depth, Infrared, IMU, Point Cloud - Open Source Library * Depth Engine is Closed Source - Cross Platform (Windows, Linux x86-64, Linux ARM64) - C API, C++ and C# Wrapper - Body Index Map, Skeleton (32 Joints) - Closed Source Library - Cross Platform (Windows, Linux x86-64) - C API, C++ and C# Wrapper - Deep Learning based Pose Estimation
  6. Azure Kinect on NVIDIA Jetson Nano

  7. Azure Kinect Sample Program https://github.com/UnaNancyOwen/AzureKinectSample

  8. Azure Kinect – Color / Depth

  9. Azure Kinect – Point Cloud

  10. Azure Kinect – Point Cloud

  11. Azure Kinect – Index Map / Skeleton

  12. まとめ -Azure Kinect DKの日本での販売開始おめでとう! -フィードバックがとても大切だよ!( ╹◡╹)ノ -せっかくOSSなんだからIssue / Pull Requestを送ろう!