Fedora Ambassadors Regional Annual Planning

Fedora Ambassadors Regional Annual Planning

A talk at Flock 2013 to discuss about how to make a good plan for Fedora Ambassadors annual work in a region.



August 11, 2013


  1. Regional Annual Planning Truong Anh Tuan Presented by FAmSCo member

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  2. Today's Topics 1. Current Budget Planning Process in APAC a.In

    Planning phase b.In Running phase 2. Main Issues 3. How to Improve
  3. Current Budget Planning Process in APAC

  4. Collecting detailed information about activities/events in the past: time, spent,

    etc. Calling for each country to make their own schedule: Events/activities they would like to organize Date/time and budget for each and in total Summarizing all to the final wiki to list all scheduled events/activites by quarter Planning Stage
  5. Tracking actual spent money: Tracking if events/activities happened or not

    Tracking reimbursement stages Updating the actual spent to wiki Tracking unscheduled events/activities Budget reporting in APAC FAmSCo meetings Wiki: /Ambassadors/APAC/Budget Running Stage
  6. Main Issues

  7. The past information is not much and not organized enough:

    no or little tracking for a long time Proposed schedules from countries are not always fine enough since it is the first time for most of Ambassadors. Actually, a lot of scheduled events/activities were not happened in Q1 Main Issues
  8. Events/activities are per country, no regional or international collaborative ones

    Only tracking stages of those events/activities; not tracking their quality by analyzing event/ activity reports Main Issues
  9. How to Improve

  10. Tracking as much information as possible: Scheduled events/activities happened or

    not Date/time, actual spent, and their quality (reports) Non-scheduled events/activities They should be the good input for next quarter/year plans. We can review/approve those requests easier Got more information to make regional and international plans with collaborative planning across countries How to Improve
  11. To evaluate events/activities to focus on more potential ones Apply

    Peer-review model (like what EMEA currently doing) to improve the quality of events/activities Get mentors involved more into events/activities to support their mentees doing work better How to Improve
  12. Introducing the current budget process in APAC in both planning

    and running phases Main issues of the current process (AFAIS) How to improve the process to address those issues (IMO) And finally, open discussing with FAmSCo and Ambassador fellows Summary
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