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Improving Mentors program

Improving Mentors program

Recent changes, draft of changes and some ideas to improve Mentors program for Fedora Ambassadors


August 07, 2014

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  1. Improving the Program Truong Anh Tuan Presented by Mentor, FAmSCo

    member, FAmA License statement goes here. See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing#Content_Licenses for acceptable licenses. Ambassador Mentors
  2. Today's Topics 1. What is Mentors program? 2. Mentor process

    recent changes 3. Nomination new mentors (draft) 4. Mentor guidelines (draft)
  3. The Fedora Mentors program allows new Fedora contributors to work

    together with seasoned developers, authors, translators, testers, and other experienced contributors Mentors program
  4. Ambassdor mentors Mentors are experienced ambassadors who can help you

    quickly become acclimated to the work expected of Ambassadors as well as ensuring that Ambassadors within Fedora do an acceptable job of representing Fedora Ref: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors_Joi n_choose_a_mentor
  5. Share worload Avoid a single point of failure Reward with

    more recognition and responsibility Consistent with all the other groups where sponsors == mentors Some reasons
  6. Changes Mentors open the tickets, process mentoring and also close

    them Mentors sponsor their own candidates Ref: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassador_Can didate_Ticket_Management
  7. Nomination process A mentor file a ticket in FamA trac

    to nominate a new candidate Send a mail to the fama-mentors mailing list and asks the mentors to vote (+1/-1/0) The candidate must get 3 positive votes with no negative votes, over a week review period The mentor who nominated the candidate opens a ticket im FAmSCo's trac FAmSCo will confirm the new mentor
  8. Mentoring strategies are different between mentors and regions but we

    have the same goal to take our candidates become *good* ambassadors So, we could have some common guidelines (NOT strict rules) Reasons
  9. Thanks Zoltan Hoppar for mainly contributions Interactive version: https://www.piratepad.ca/p/MentorGuidelines Draft

    ref: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/Me ntor_Guidelines_Draft Draft version
  10. Provide and explain all necessary information to candidates Check if

    candidates read through all supplied information and understand them all Maintain a check list (no template) to ensure that candidates passed all required steps Support them to do their new job whenever they want/ask for Mentors
  11. Provide and explain all necessary information to candidates Limit the

    acceptable candidates by mentoring time, mentor can fix the amount of mentees that he can carry IRC office hour $time periodically as necessary on #fedora-mentors Make IRC lessons with logged sessions - this gonna proof lot of things Mentors
  12. Provide links from earlier activities within Fedora to your mentor

    Create personal wiki page Read through all supplied information Ask mentor any *dummy* questions Attend at least one regional IRC meeting Organize at least an event/activity or attend/help a few ones organized by others Candidates
  13. As introduction: Experiences, and known infra and connections, communications Lesson

    one: Fedora 4F, FOSS basics, our targets, community build-up, communications (ML, Meetings, IRC), personal page check Lesson two: Fedora Project Leadership and infrastructure, Marketing (Presskit, Artwork), Legal stuff (Fedora logo guidelines) Lesson ideas
  14. Lesson three: Contribution, Ticket work, inventory, swag Lesson four: Events,

    events handling, Cooperation with RH members and teams (Hiring desk, Tech desk) Lesson five: Closing session online - named survey session, quick questionary as final exam? Lesson ideas
  15. Single static webpage (with FAS-OpenID login), single hub for mentors

    and approved mentees that publically provides structural and progress informations: active mentors, available slots, timing, monthly office hour by FAMA leader, running session, and status Provide an flyer for ambassadors, where we clearly define our quality line - what is that we awaiting from ambassadors, if someone wants to be Infra ideas