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Eoin O'Liathain - The 4 Ps of Scaling Sales: Product, People, Process, and Pipeline (Turing Fest 2022)

Eoin O'Liathain - The 4 Ps of Scaling Sales: Product, People, Process, and Pipeline (Turing Fest 2022)

When building out a revenue organisation there will be countless decisions to make. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science and if you can get the fundamental pillars right the other pieces fall into place. Get the pillars wrong and no amount of good will or work can set it right.

This talk walks through those fundamental pillars (the 4Ps), revealing how to set up your revenue organisation for growth and scale, taking lessons wrested from 10 years in sales. It examines the tethered relationship between product and sales, how and where to get and keep your people, which processes matter and how to think about the pipeline.

If you’re a startup wanting to be a scale-up or generally interested in the machinery of a solid revenue organisation then pop along.

Head to www.turingfest.com to learn more about Europe's best cross-functional tech conference.

Turing Fest

August 15, 2022

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  1. Eoin O’Liathain - Turing Fest
    Scaling Your Revenue Org

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  2. 4 Ps
    • Processes

    • Pipeline

    • People

    • Product

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  3. Eoin O’Liathain
    Sales Specialist

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  4. 20x 9x so far

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    Recurring Revenue Engine

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  6. Product

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  7. Sales ≠

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  8. 18 Months
    Average VP Sales Tenure (includes winners)

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  9. First 5 Customers
    Founder-led sales
    When to move forward
    • NPS >30
    • 90% customer retention
    • 100% revenue retention
    • No sales or marketing
    5-20 customers
    When to move forward
    • NPS >30
    • 90% customer retention
    • 100% revenue retention
    • <12 Month Payback Period (or 1
    sales cycle)
    • 2 evangelical sales people
    • 1 marketing director
    • 1 customer success
    20+ customers
    When to move forward
    • 90% customer retention
    • 100% revenue retention
    • <12 Month Payback Period (or 1
    sales cycle)
    • 1:1 SDR ratio OR
    • Team of 3-4 marketers
    • Hire based on capacity relative to
    demand generation
    Phases of Growth

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  10. The Elusive Product Market Fit

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  11. PFM Evermore

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  12. Product Market Feedback Model
    • Win / Loss Review of Deals

    • Feature <> Sales Slack Channels

    • Embedded Teams

    • Customer Council

    • Sales Conversation Intelligence Tool


    Time ’t’ <>

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  13. UNLOCK

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  14. The Order of Operations
    • Product Usage
    • NPS
    • Churn
    • Leads
    • Marketing-
    • Funnel
    • # Deals
    • Average Selling Price
    • Conversion

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  15. People

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  16. Sourcing
    How When
    Senior Hire Always
    Referrals Always

    Agency Short Term, Speci
    In House Talent Team Long Term, General

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  17. Two Sourcing Tips
    Go Outbound
    Recruiting = Selling

    • Job Spec

    • What’s in it for you

    • The Why

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  20. Selecting
    • Your best people should interview

    • Clearly de
    ned competencies per

    • 3:1 Ratio of New to Experienced*

    • Relevant sales experience*

    • References are mostly fake

    • Hire on results vs adjectives
    Stage Criteria Who
    Screen 15 mins Holistic Recruitment
    Challenge 1 hour 2-3 Competencies Hiring Manager
    Culture 30 mins Values Senior
    Debrief 15 mins Roundtable All

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  21. “IF YOU can only be good at
    one thing, be good at lying…

    because if you’re good at lying,
    you’re good at everything.”

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  22. Keeping

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  23. Keeping
    • Go with something

    • Regular Market Benchmarking

    • OTE ~ 5x Target

    Career Paths
    • Map out 2-3 Years +

    • Distinct levels + roles

    Invest in Management
    • Sales Impact Academy

    • In House Enablement
    0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
    Rep Productivity

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  24. Processes

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  25. Take a Full View

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  26. Lead ➡ Deal

    Quote ➡ Cash
    Onboarding ➡ Renewal
    Sales Ops

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  27. Sales Ops

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  28. Match the sales motion to buying motion

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  29. Keep it simple

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  30. Pipeline

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  31. Channels
    Word of Mouth
    Review Sites
    Performance Marketing
    Field Marketing

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  32. Pipeline
    # Volume


    Conversion %

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  33. Ideal Customer Profile

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  37. The Riches are in the Niches

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  42. Herd - Sports Prediction
    • 2m Linkedin impressions

    • 10,000 app downloads

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  43. 4 Ps

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  44. Happy to Chat

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