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Enabling Diversity & Shaping Culture (in a chaotic environment)

Enabling Diversity & Shaping Culture (in a chaotic environment)

Online talk given at Runstastic internal Lunch & Learn.

Tutti Quintella

November 05, 2020

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  1. Hi there! • Tutti (@tuttiq) • From ⇒ ⇒ •

    Major in Computer Engineering • Software Engineer for ~8 years • Manager @ Mercari, Director of Women Who Code Tokyo • Engineering Office Team • Diversity & Inclusion + Learning & Development
  2. Enabling Diversity & Shaping Culture (in a chaotic environment) 1

  3. Diversity taken to the next level Over 40 Countries People

    from almost all regions of the world.
  4. Diversity taken to the next level • 40 different nationalities

    mostly on the Engineering Division • Japan, and Eastern Asia in general, have some of the most traditional and homogeneous cultures • People from almost all regions of the world: all americas, west, east and north europe, middle east, africa, south, southeast, west and east asia, oceania, etc • No such thing as "everyone is kinda used to western culture" like I've seen in other places
  5. Language barrier • Only about 20% of Japanese people can

    speak conversational English • Less than 10% can speak with business-level fluency • Majority of the foreigners in Japan also speak English as a second language
  6. Cultural nuances & expectations • Mismatched definitions of subjective qualities:

    ◦ Polite/Rude ◦ Confusing/Clear/Obvious ◦ Bold/Comfort Zone ◦ Professional ◦ High/Low quality • Different expectations for roles & responsibilities
  7. Trust & Dependability • Assuming intentions (benefit of the doubt)

    • Peer pressure vs. inspired collaboration • Taking "the easy path" of siloed non-collaboration
  8. Inclusion & Belonging • Workspace infrastructure • Accessibility, same access

    to information • Safe space to address issues • "Am I expected here?" We know every individual is different from another and we encourage and celebrate diversity. メルカリはそれぞれの人の個性や違いを認識し ダイバーシティを尊重し推し進めてきました 。
  9. Inclusion & Belonging Social connections • Someone to ask "the

    dumb questions" • Casual communities • Friendship
  10. Stronger but inclusive values Dream big, take risks Involve stakeholders,

    deal with conflict ASAP Go Bold Mission focus Alignment and prioritization Empathy, teamwork All For One Always learning, continuous improvement Respectful and reliable, ownership Be A Pro
  11. Stronger culture stance An open culture based on trust •

    No excess rules to restrict employees • Information is fundamentally open to all • Everyone is expected to be responsible to think, act and make decisions on their own We are open-minded to flexibly accept change in an ever-changing environment. Trust & Openness A culture that fosters diversity • Attract, develop, retain and empower diverse top talent from all over the world • Create a fair and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive • Understand the needs of our diverse customers and partners worldwide Diversity & Inclusion
  12. Principles "on the wall" Changing your words, your careers site

    and your employee manual is not enough. You will only begin to shape culture if you live and breath your values everyday through your ACTIONS: • Hire according to your principles • Reward/praise (or give feedback to shift direction) • Evaluate and promote the right behaviors/competencies
  13. Processes & guidelines Can add objectivity and accountability to shape

    your culture. • Culture fit interview guideline • Value-based expectations per role/level • Evaluation and promotion guideline
  14. Training your employees (specially managers) • Info session, round-table, Q&As,

    open doors • Interactive workshops • Bring the discussion to hiring managers
  15. Supporting communication In-house translators and interpreters for meetings and docs

    In-house English and Japanese curriculums In-house diversity & communication trainings Global Operations Team Language Education Team Diversity & Inclusion
  16. Supporting communication ⚙ Technology: HISASHI is our ML-based bot to

    help with translations, general affair tasks and questions from employees
  17. Cultural nuances & expectations Strengthening the culture, processes and guidelines.

    D&I trainings: • Unconscious Bias Training • Cross-cultural Communication Workshop • Lunch & Learn
  18. Cultural nuances & expectations Activities that reinforce and explain your

    culture. • Go Bold Day • Hackweek • MVP Awards per value • D&I events (Lunch & Learn, cultural night, etc) • Sponsorships, PR
  19. Trust & Dependability Team-building activities and intentional exercises ... Lots

    and lots of hard work from managers and team members
  20. Inclusion & Belonging Social connections • Someone to ask "the

    dumb questions" • Casual communities • Friendship
  21. Thank you! Questions? Tutti Quintella https://tuttiq.me @tuttiq About Mercari Group:

    https://about.mercari.com Mercari JP: https://mercari.jp | Mercari US: https://mercari.com Free illustrations on this presentation by Freepik