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UXA2022 Day 1; Corey Tutt OAM - The inspiration for what is DeadlyScience

August 25, 2022

UXA2022 Day 1; Corey Tutt OAM - The inspiration for what is DeadlyScience

The inspiring story of how DeadlyScience came to be. The challenges and celebrations of the journey so far.


August 25, 2022

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  1. Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders: This presentation may

    contain images and voices of people who have died.
  2. DeadlyScience pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land,

    to all Elders past and present, and to First Nations people everywhere. First Nations people have used science for over 65,000 years. Our culture is the oldest in the world. The first scientists passed on the lessons of the land, sea and sky, to the future scientists of today through stories, song and dance. We call this caring for Country. If you care for Country, the Country will care for you.
  3. A bit of info about me. I am a Kamilaroi

    man. My family comes from Walgett in Northern New South Wales Australia. I am 29 years old and worked at the University of Sydney for five years. I have extensively worked in the animal industry since 2008. I am the CEO of DeadlyScience and the co-author of the children's book, ‘The First Scientists’. My passion for people and animals has been a constant throughout my career starting out as a zookeeper and then graduating onto alpaca shearing. I have seen a lot of this country. I play rugby union in my spare time and in my down time I like to go bush walking and work on my garden. During the last two years I have taught 50 children how to read by zoom. I have taught over 100 schools and their DeadlyScientists how to love all things STEM!
  4. AWARDS 2020 Young Australian of the Year for NSW 2020

    CSIRO Indigenous STEM champion (first person under 30) 2021 The Australian Museum Eureka Prize Winner for STEM Inclusion 2022 Branded on the McLaren Formula 1 racing car during the Australian GP 2022 7News Transgrid Young Indigenous Achiever Award 2022 Children’s Book Council of Australia Award: The First Scientists 2022 Order of Australia Medal: For service to Indigenous STEM education
  5. After finding a school in the Northern Territory that was

    completely under resourced and sending a box full of books, we now send to schools all over Australia.
  6. DeadlyScience provides primary school and high school students with practical

    science experiments that can help enable the initial spark to develop interests in STEM.
  7. IMPACT 2020 • During the bushfires in 2020 DeadlyScience replaced

    the books of children who lost their homes. • During the 2021 floods on the Mid North Coast DeadlyScience was there cleaning out houses in Port Macquarie. • We replaced the books of Telegraph Point school, completely destroyed by flood waters. • We connected Redfern Youth Connect with internet so teenagers could have a safe space to do their homework. • We helped some community schools reach an increase in attendance by 40% due to our programs.
  8. IMPACT 2021 • During the 2021 covid pandemic DeadlyScience provided

    1500 food hampers with Addi road to families in Western NSW and we also gave every child in Walgett, Dareton, Gilgranda, Goodooga and Redfern/Waterloo books because our kids didn’t have access to the internet during the lockdowns. IMPACT 2022 • Replacing many books lost by Condong school and Tablum community during the March floods. • Replacing all the STEM resources lost at Cabbage Tree Island community due the March floods. • 10,000 Lego kits sent to Indigenous students across the Nation • Increased number of DeadlyLearner sessions with remote communities • Developing the first culturally appropriate chemistry kits with schools. • Delivering $5000 grants to remote schools for STEM resources
  9. DEADLYSCIENCE CLUB In 2020 we started our own DeadlyScience portal

    for students to teach other students about their DeadlyScience facts. It is still in development. DEADLY LEARNERS We do zoom sessions where students in community can ask anything they like to STEM professionals. Allowing for freedom and creativity, bringing students out of their shells.
  10. DEADLY JUNIOR SCIENTIST DeadlyScience supports individual students doing great at

    school by awarding those attending school and doing well.
  11. DeadlyScience has been assisting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander

    peoples that have fallen out of the education system fall back in love with learning and all things science.
  12. Passion and Purpose are everything DeadlyScience has provided telescopes to

    remote Communities across Australia. DeadlyScience has also been helping kids with a disability find the stars also.
  13. DeadlyScience engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in STEM

    experiences that previously would have been out of reach.
  14. EMOTION CARDS DeadlyScience has been sending out culturally appropriate emotions

    cards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids with a disability.
  15. HEALTHY HEARTS DEADLIER MINDS The Healthy hearts Deadlier minds project

    aims to teach kids how to grow food suitability and sustainably with the idea to help remote communities overcome crippling food prices. JUNIOR RANGERS We also have been supporting our Junior Ranger program where recently set up a DNA Exchange with the Australian Genomics lab.
  16. DeadlyScience has recently teamed up with Heart Research and Captain

    Startlight to help spread the love of education, STEM and wellbeing to our DeadlyScientists in hospital.
  17. What is next…. DeadlyScience Club (engagement & education) - DeadlyLearners

    - DeadlyLabs - DeadlyWeather - Deadly Junior Scientists - DeadlyHearts & DeadlierMinds: Greenhouses - DeadlyGrants: Build It So You Can See It - Resources DeadlyScience Pathways (enrolment & employment) - Science strand with WEHI - Technology strand - Engineering strand - Maths strand
  18. GET INVOLVED •Donate to DeadlyScience •Workplace Giving •Volunteer your time

    through corporate volunteering •Build partnerships that will employ DeadlyScientists •Start a resource fundraiser or book drive •Sponsor the Deadly Junior Scientist awards •Sponsor STEM in School events for remote schools •Become an ambassador and share our story and journey on social media •Buy our books and merchandise for yourselves and others