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Doing remote research from India

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October 25, 2019

Doing remote research from India

UXINDIA2019: India's biggest international conference on User Experience Design which is being celebrated on Sep 9, 10 & 11 at Novotel HICC, Hyderabad.
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October 25, 2019

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  3. UX ARCHITECT – ADP HYDERABAD Doing Remote Research from INDIA

  4. Session Topics Remote Research Methods & Tools 1 In-person Vs

    Remote Research 2 Remote Research Best Practices 3 Unleashing Potential of Unmoderated Remote Research 4
  5. In-person vs. Remote Research Key Differences

  6. In-person Research Remote Research Understand user behavior and environment Online

    video conference Dependency on moderator Unmoderated research Travel cost and time consuming No travel cost and efficient Time zone / Geographical challenges No more time zone/geographical challenges Manual analysis of data Tools help in analysis and provide richer insights In-person vs. Remote Research Key Differences
  7. Methods & Tools For Remote Research

  8. Methods & Tools Conduct any survey any number of times.

    Survey Tools: Qualtrics/Survey Monkey Researcher meets with participant via an online conferencing tool. 1:1 Moderated Interviews Tools: Webex/BlueJeans For Remote Research
  9. Methods & Tools Conduct study with multiple users for categorizing

    information/prioritizing features Card Sorting Tools: UserZoom/Optimal Sort Run a longitudinal study with users Diary Study Tools: UserZoom For Remote Research
  10. Methods & Tools Setup unmoderated user testing and get results

    overnight from multiple participants across geographies. Unmoderated User Testing Tools: UserZoom/UserTesting For Remote Research
  11. Remote Research Best Practices

  12. #1 Participants Panel Takes less time to recruit and easy

    to reach out. Helps to build relationships with clients.
  13. # 2 Take notes Use a Collaborative tool for Note

  14. # 3 Debrief Meetings To discuss research notes and edit

    protocol if needed.
  15. # 4 Keep it Short The study duration should not

    extend beyond 15 mins.
  16. # 5 Iterate & Keep Iterating Repeat test as needed.

  17. # 6 Make Tasks Description Clear You cannot probe or

    clarify, so ensure to keep task description clear. Ask Open-ended questions.
  18. # 7 Test Your Study Anything can go wrong with

    technology, so better test it multiple times. Have a back-up plan.
  19. # 8 Patience & Positive Attitude Initial setup takes time

    and planning. Be open for criticism or failure.
  20. You can conduct a research study in your track pants

    and bad hair. Call drops due to bad internet Only audio or only video Having time in the middle of the day to go for swims, or meet friends for a coffee. Or take a nap. Good and not so bad things
  21. Good and not so bad things “I enjoyed this experience

    and would encourage this method of feedback for future product enhancements/testing.” ~Feedback from user
  22. Unleashing Potential of Unmoderated Research

  23. How easily and quickly can a user complete the tasks?

    Task Efficiency Helpful to see areas on your website or screen that receive most attention. Heatmaps Measure the percentage of tasks that users complete correctly. Task Success Rate Both audio and video recordings are available and you can make clips to share Recordings Unleashing Potential of Unmoderated Research What you get
  24. Summary

  25. Summary No more Time zone issues Reach to users across

    time zones & geographies. No more manual analysis of data No dependency on moderator You can plan unmoderated research. No more travel required You can conduct research from your home or sitting at office. Tools help you analyze.
  26. Remote Research Further Learnings & References

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  28. https://www.userzoom.com/blog/8-things-to-remember-when-preparing-remote-moderated- research/ https://www.invisionapp.com/inside-design/6-tips-for-remote-user-testing/ https://www.userinterviews.com/blog/3-simple-ways-to-improve-your-remote-user-interviews http://blog.uxeria.com/en/remote-user-testing-10-tips-to-improve-your-user-research/ https://uxmag.com/articles/remote-user-research-usability-methods For Further Learning

  29. THANK YOU! Email: mrini.gorla@gmail.com Mobile: 9000015564 LinkedIn: Mrini Gorla