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Entrepreneur Journey: Transformation from Feature Focussed to UX Focussed (Chennapanaidu Darapaneni)

October 25, 2013

Entrepreneur Journey: Transformation from Feature Focussed to UX Focussed (Chennapanaidu Darapaneni)

Naidu Darapaneni, Founder & CEO of MeraEvents.com would share his Entrepreneurial Journey on how the company is transforming from Feature Focussed to UX Focussed. What are the major challenges he faced initially and what are the benefits MeraEvents.com got after focussing more on UI and UX of the product.


October 25, 2013

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  1. Chennapanaidu Darapaneni, UXINDIA13 Conference Presentation

  2. Entrepreneurial Journey  Chennapa Naidu Darapaneni  Founder & CEO

     Versant Technologies Pvt Ltd  Versant Online Solutions Pvt Ltd Transformation from Feature Focused to UX Focused October 26, 2013

  4. Education Industry Expertise Entrepreneurial Expertise Business Ventures Brief Background

  5. Why MeraEvents.com There was no Event Dedicated Portal in 2008.

    You come to know about Event after the event is over Personal Pain lead to the Product Development
  6. Think Events, Think MeraEvents We are one-point source for the

    Event & Entertainment Industry, bringing related information at fingertips to the organizers, delegates, and service providers. Connecting one-another in a more professional, reliable, and effortless way.
  7. Where we are Today  Started in Dec 2008 and

    Launched in Oct 2009.  40+ Team Members across 6 Cities  More than 1 Cr Worth of Ticket Sales Every month  Everyday 100+ News Events adding to the site.  800K Facebook Fans ( www.facebook.com/meraevents)
  8. Feature Focused Company… As a Tech Entrepreneur I was focusing

    more on Building Features . I have no clue about UI/UX earlier. Had to spent lot of time in Educating the customers.
  9. UX Focused Benefits We launched our Responsive Design website In

    March 2013. Better Business Results Less Customer Support Issues Time Savings Means Money Savings
  10. My Suggestions to UI/UX Designers Indian Startup’s are growing so

    work for Startup Companies & help them. Join As Co-Founder, Entrepreneurs are looking for you. Entrepreneurs for looking for UI/UX Advisory Board.
  11. My Suggestions to UI/UX Designers Listen to CEO but You

    are the Expert in UI/UX so educate them until they see your point too. Attend Entrepreneur Related Conferences/Seminars
  12. Lessons Learnt  Early Mover Advantage is good but need

    to understand Market Adaptability and Need necessary resources to Stay long.  Spend more time with Customers before building the product.  Competitors are Good, they add lot of value.  I Could have saved 1 Cr+ Money and 1-2 years of time frame if focused on UI/UX from day 1.
  13. Versant Online Solutions provides complete solution for the Event &

    Entertainment Industry through its various products. 12 MeraEven ts • 2009 • List, Promote & Sell Event tickets, connecting event Organizers, Delegates and Service providers. MoozUp • 2011 • Event Networking Solution - All your event attendees will easily be able to network, manage schedule and share information. Venues.M eraEvents • 2012 • Connects people who are looking to find the perfect venue for their event with venue owners. MoozUpLite • 2013 • Your Smart Paperless Event Guide
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  19. MoozUp = Adding magic to conferences and events!

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  22. Contact Me  naidu@meraevents.com www.facebook.com/naidudc Twitter: @naidudc