UX14 - Show Me What You’re Thinking (Ray Delapena)

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October 09, 2014

UX14 - Show Me What You’re Thinking (Ray Delapena)

This is a hands-on workshop that explores the value of visualizing and communicating your strategy in the context of lean UX design project.

The structure of the workshop is:

1. Start off with setting the context for a successful project -- focusing on our work environment. We'll set up a project space by finding imagery and visuals that communicate the essence of the problem we are solving, key quotes that will inspire the team, and other visuals that will remind everyone of the goal (or just make them smile).

2. Work to understand the customer. We'll focus on clarifying the team's understanding of who we're working for. We'll also infuse them with personality to increase our empathy. (As a project progresses these would be validated by research and updated accordingly.)

3. Visualize the journey our customer takes and identify their pain points, our solutions, and the assumptions we make along the way. Ultimately we'll come up with a value hypothesis and consider ways to validate it.

All of the above exercises focus on creating lean visual artifacts and how, when they are shared among the team and stakeholders, can keep the momentum and focus on moving the project forward. They create a shared sense of purpose, and encourage participation and group ownership of the process.



October 09, 2014