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UXINDIA 2015- Digital Brands - Designing to tell stories (Priyanka Agrawal ) by uxindia

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October 31, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- Digital Brands - Designing to tell stories (Priyanka Agrawal ) by uxindia

Brands have changed meaning over the years. From being aspirational they have become experiential. They no longer are built on legacy, but are built on how effectively and meaningfully you intervene peoples lives. And once you establish a meaningful place in their lives they cease to exist as brand names but become a part of your vocabulary. The key is to establish that meaningful connection or need in people’s lives which can be weaved into their life story. The talk will throw light upon how storytelling is key to designing great experiences for digital products.



October 31, 2015


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  2. I am Priyanka. fractal inkdesign studio

  3. fractal inkdesign studio Partner and Director - User Experience Design

    Fractal Ink Design Studio
  4. fractal inkdesign and this is my design studio

  5. Don’t worry! I know this is a post lunch session.

    I will be concise :) fractal inkdesign studio
  6. not because I am empathetic - the truth is I

    don't know much. fractal inkdesign studio
  7. fractal inkdesign studio Hence my idea is to answer some

    questions along with you
  8. What makes a good product? fractal inkdesign studio

  9. fractal inkdesign Only if I knew… studio

  10. fractal inkdesign What makes a good brand? studio

  11. fractal inkdesign Only if I knew… studio

  12. fractal inkdesign But I do make some money studio

  13. Let’s Learn from the man himself who chose to be

    on top of all the money around fractal inkdesign studio
  14. fractal inkdesign studio Tell me and I forget. Teach me

    and I remember. Benjamin Franklin Involve me and I learn.
  15. inkdesign what are the things that involve us? fractal studio

  16. fractal inkdesign studio what are the things that involve us?

    conversation experience events movies acts reality problems friends sports emotions relationships
  17. fractal inkdesign studio

  18. fractal inkdesign studio Digital brands Designing to tell stories

  19. what makes up a great story? lead character an ambition

    some conflicts great resolution fractal inkdesign studio
  20. who is it? lead character what’s the background? helps you

    set the personality fractal inkdesign studio
  21. what’s the goal? fractal inkdesign studio ambition helps you set

    the roadmap and not get unfocussed from your ambition
  22. risks and conflicts conflicts these have the capability of changing

    the course of the project. It poses and brings out challenges which might not have been planned for helps you get real!! fractal inkdesign studio
  23. resolution resolution brings clarity acceptance of outcome from a conflict

    real winner!! fractal inkdesign studio
  24. My everywhere private driver fractal inkdesign studio

  25. To give me the convenience and luxury of a chauffeur

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  26. Money to facilitate that vision of everywhere and for everyone

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  27. Become a platform to connect cabs and me. fractal inkdesign

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  31. big brands perceived fractal inkdesign studio

  32. fractal inkdesign studio Brands have changed from being aspirational to

    being experiential
  33. fractal inkdesign studio free to experience judge trash make you

    a hero today people are
  34. bigger brands fractal inkdesign studio

  35. fractal inkdesign studio People do not pay for brands.They pay

    for the meaningful intervention in their lives.
  36. fractal inkdesign studio What are brands? Logos? Mission statements? Service

  37. fractal inkdesign studio brands become our lives From being a

    proper noun to verbs/common nouns and adjectives
  38. fractal inkdesign studio You can flipkart an item. Check for

    snapdeals. Can you please get an ola. Facebook an photograph. Lets Skype.
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