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UXINDIA16- How our digital ecosystem evolved to deliver unified experience ( Abinaya Palaniappan ) by uxindia

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October 21, 2016

UXINDIA16- How our digital ecosystem evolved to deliver unified experience ( Abinaya Palaniappan ) by uxindia

Designing Interaction patterns are often considered as a bad reputation, reason being they are considered to be quick, off-the-shelf solutions that could be applied without considering the context of a problem. So there is a great need for instilling a notion of design philosophy among all the engineers responsible for developing the application (in our case it’s an enterprise wide behemoth platform), thereby creating and sharing a design ethos. The problem we started to face is creating a coherent, unified language which can scale across devices - not just beauty and aesthetics. So we decided in designing a strategic platform with evidence and research based design.

As a baby step we started to focus on the components first, and then combine those to build larger components that eventually make up for a bigger ecosystem. Easier being said, actually, it really is a more daunting and fragile exercise in conducting the research. So we’ve conducted research starting with the building and foundational components .

This talk discusses about the research we created and bring substantial impact for the design we have created.



October 21, 2016


  1. None
  2. By Abinaya USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN GROUP How our digital ecosystem

    evolved to deliver unified client experience
  3. Who we are 232 Years Old 250+ Client-facing applications 50

    K Client Base 35 Countries 100 Markets 12 Line of Business
  4. None
  5. Our Digital Ecosystem The strategy to a new generation technology

    platform to deliver unified client experience
  6. Our Challenges · Legacy System · Multiple user Groups ·

    Compliance and Regulations · Customization
  7. Empathize using Evidence Take our UX Survey! Start How effective

    is the application in accomplishing your everyday tasks? EFFECTIVE How easy or difficult is your experience in using the application? EASY OR DIFFICULT How enjoyable is your experience in using the application? ENJOYABLE How likely would you recommend the application to your friends? RECOMMEND
  8. Empathize using Evidence Which is the most used functionality of

    the application last month? How many people have used the trading feature using mobile last month? How many people have started using the web version of the application till date? Which are the top two user groups of the application? Usage Analytics Report
  9. Empathize using Research A Day with our users

  10. Analyze User Journey Map

  11. Empathize using Research Usability Tests

  12. Successful Completion Rate Users who felt difficulty in finding the

    Call to Action Users who felt difficulty in selecting the content Users who felt difficulty in verifying the action done
  13. Test on Forms Long Form Experience

  14. Test on Forms Wizard form Experience 80%

  15. Inconsistent Interaction patterns Multiple Login Redundant functionalities across applications Varying

    Navigation patterns Problems with Information finding Analyze Insights
  16. Ideate and Design User centric Taxonomy

  17. The Design System Principles of our design framework Consistent Effective

    & Efficient Scalable Responsive Reusable
  18. Principal Components of the Design System · Typography · Color

    Palette · Layout · Interaction patterns · Navigation
  19. Logo Logo Logo Logo Menu Menu Menu 1 Menu 2

    Menu 3 Menu Menu Menu 4 Menu 5 Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
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  23. Test and Iterate

  24. User Adoption Rate 50% Increase in User Satisfaction score 75%

    Increase in Net Promotor Score 60% The Impact
  25. “Design, in the end, is about creating better things for

    people. Along the way, it can generate better profits as well.” - Bruce Nussbaum