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UXINDIA18 - Mindful Design Practice 2.0

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October 04, 2018

UXINDIA18 - Mindful Design Practice 2.0

Half day workshop - Day 1



October 04, 2018


  1. None
  2. MINDFUL DESIGN PRACTICE 2.0 Facilitated by Devyani M Lal Co-Presented

    by Shaurya Rastogi & Meru Vashisht Mentored by Narendra Ghate UX Research and Design, TATA Elxsi 4 October, 2018
  3. Workshop Overview LET’S DECIDE Group agreements to set the tone

    for how everybody will behave during the workshop, in an attempt to have a mindful session. 10 am - 10:30 am PAIR UP Participants pair up to get to know each other and then introduce each other. They write each other’s expectations and apprehensions from the workshop on post-it notes and stick them on the wall. CAUGHT IN A FILTER An interactive session on the four obstacles to mindfulness and the need to eliminate them. 10:30 am - 11:15 am BEHRUPIYA An energiser to explore how our minds and bodys are interconnected, how we can produce our emotions and respond at will. Through this exercise we attempt to display an analogy of how we are copying the pioneers and consuming what is being offered; which may or may not be mindfully consumed. WHAT’S MINDFULNESS Participants pair up to get to know each other and then introduce each other. They write each other’s expectations and apprehensions from the workshop on post-it notes and stick them on the wall.
  4. LET’S DETOX Sets of 2-3 pairs come together to form

    a group. Each group is provided a domain to create a mindful user experience for, through a user journey map. 11:15 am - 12:30 pm ROLEPLAY Each group presents its user journey, through a role play, focusing on how it has been designed with mindfulness. A LETTER TO YOURSELF Participants think about what they have learnt through the workshop, and what changes they might make, or steps they might take, in their work because of it. The letters can be posted out in a couple of weeks. 12:45 pm - 1:00 pm CONCLUSION Participants take down their expectations that have been fulfilled and apprehensions that have or not been dealt with or were proven unfounded. The session concludes with an informal discussion. Workshop Overview
  5. LET’S DECIDE ➢ What will help keep our full attention

    and thus enable us to connect better? ➢ Agreements can only be proposed (even by the facilitator) ➢ We document the key words produced during this activity, which will be the necessary foundation to further exercises. Agreements might include: “respect everyone’s opinions”; “allow everyone an equal opportunity to speak”, “confidentiality”; “mobile phones switched off, or onto silent mode”.
  6. PAIR UP ➢ One participant has an informal conversation with

    the other for three minutes, then roles are swapped. ➢ Each person gives their name, where they are from, the reasons why the person is here for the workshop, what they are hoping to learn or achieve during the event and what are their fears or apprehensions regarding the workshop. Participants are asked to write their expectations and apprehensions of the workshop on post-it notes and stick them on a wall/ pin- up board.
  7. WHAT’S MINDFULNESS? Mindfulness (n): paying attention on purpose in the

    present moment non-judgmentally.
  8. BEHRUPIYA ➢ One person makes movements, the other tries to

    mirror them as well as they can. ➢ Swap roles.
  9. As User Experience Designers, Thinkers and Tinkerers, are we becoming

    Behrupiyas too, mirroring the 'pioneers’?
  10. “I GOT 50 LIKES IN 3 MINUTES” Validation of Self-Worth


    Term Memory
  12. Individual efforts towards mindfulness are being challenged by the landscape

    of user experiences that we offer.
  13. CAUGHT IN A FILTER The Four Obstacles to Mindfulness

  14. THE MYTH OF MULTITASKING Multiple tabs & tasks, intrusive notifications,

    distracting advertising 1
  15. THE SHIFT FROM EASE TO DEPENDENCY Reduced efforts, replaced memory

  16. AUTOMATED BLINDERS AND MAZES Personalised feeds, forced continuity, endless scrolls

  17. FOOD FOR SELF-WORTH Social comparison, Fear of missing out 4

  18. LET’S DETOX Design Challenge

  19. Design a user experience, through a user journey map, incorporating

  20. Duration: 1 hour Gaming Shopping Information Social Media Food Navigation

  21. ROLEPLAY ➢ The roleplay is an opportunity to enact your

    user journey and explore emotional reactions to it.
  22. A LETTER TO YOURSELF ➢ We all know that we

    often have great intentions of making change but simply never get around to it. ➢ Write a letter to yourself that outlines the main things you have learnt at the workshop, and the changes you would like to bring about. ➢ Put your letter in an envelope and address it to yourself.
  23. Take down any hopes that have been fulfilled and fears

    that have been dealt with or were proven unfounded.