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UXINDIA18 - UXR in FinTech

October 05, 2018

UXINDIA18 - UXR in FinTech

Case Study 30 min - Day 2


October 05, 2018

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  2. Fintech and UX Research Speaker: Upasna Bhandari (PhD, NUS)

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  7. • Fintech Facts ◦ India ◦ Future of Users Online!

    • UX is an opportunity ◦ Why? ◦ Solution! • How do we do it @ Moneysmart ◦ UX Initiatives ◦ Principles ◦ Business Impact Agenda
  8. https://www.pwc.in/assets/pdfs/publications/2017/fintech-india-report-2017.pdf Fintech Facts

  9. https://www.pwc.in/assets/pdfs/publications/2017/fintech-india-report-2017.pdf Fintech Facts

  10. Information Gap “Tell me why...”

  11. It’s 2018 and your gut is overrated We only make

    data backed financial decisions “Tell me why...”
  12. The Perfect Dataset “Tell me why...”

  13. The power of WOM is absolute Good user experiences are

    key to acquisition and retention
  14. Educate me first and then help me find what to

    buy! -I ain't trusting anybody like that
  15. World is a complicated place, buying insurance shouldn't be.


  17. Let’s do this!

  18. Insurance • Who are our first time/ insurance owners? •

    What do they value? • When do they begin thinking about buying a insurance? • Where do they typically look (for insurance)? • If they haven't found insurance yet, how can we help them understand eligibility?
  19. Insurance Strategy: Turn business considerations into a UX strategy and

    create user experience design.
  20. UX Research Techniques Surveys Interviews Customer Journey Mapping Empathy mapping

    Desirability Testing Usability Testing
  21. Type Done/Not Done Card Sorting Contextual Interviews First Click Testing

    Focus Groups Heuristic Evaluation/Expert Review Individual Interviews Parallel Design Personas Prototyping Surveys System Usability Scale (SUS) Task Analysis Usability Testing Use Cases More…. Done Done Not Done Done Not Done Done Not Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Not Done 78% of most popular UX Techniques tested already! UX Initiatives
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  23. Our UX Strategy • User Centric • Research Focused •

    Data Informed • Design Led How we measure its working • Conversion • Engagement • Internal NPS UX Initiatives
  24. Thank you!