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Multiskilled mobile dev teams: unlock your hidden powers 🌩

Multiskilled mobile dev teams: unlock your hidden powers 🌩

My talk at #UMT2016

video (ru):

Everyone is talking about developers' specialization. 'Know you niche'. We have separate conferences for every dev area now: mobile, cloud, big data, iOT. In order to build a modern multiplatform mobile app you need to work with separate iOS and Android dev teams, separate backend dev team, designers and managers. Doesn't look too much?
I'll talk about another way of organization: multiskilled dev team, experience and benefits.


July 16, 2016

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  1. Multiskilled mobile dev teams: #umt2016 @vixentael unlock your hidden powers

  2. #umt2016 @vixentael

  3. #umt2016 @vixentael

  4. #umt2016 @vixentael

  5. A story about The One

  6. Meet Fedya! #umt2016 @vixentael

  7. Fedya-the- iOS-developer #umt2016 @vixentael

  8. inside info bubble #umt2016 @vixentael

  9. sometimes Fedya has questions and doesn’t know the answers #umt2016

  10. he is looking for help #umt2016 @vixentael

  11. he is looking for help #umt2016 @vixentael

  12. Imagine whole team

  13. iOS QA backend android The Team #umt2016 @vixentael

  14. …inside bubbles #umt2016 @vixentael

  15. if one has problem… #umt2016 @vixentael

  16. …everyone suffers #umt2016 @vixentael

  17. …everyone suffers #umt2016 @vixentael

  18. re-opens task “not a bug” creates task delivers task ping-pong

    “server issue” #umt2016 @vixentael
  19. superposition of narrow minded dupes #umt2016 @vixentael

  20. Why being narrow minded is bad for you (and your

    colleagues too)
  21. API API #umt2016 @vixentael Difficult to communicate with other species

  22. API API #umt2016 @vixentael Difficult to communicate with other species

    Monotone ways of thinking
  23. Difficult to communicate with other species Monotone ways of thinking

    Ecosystem restrictions are overwhelming API API #umt2016 @vixentael
  24. Stack changing causes frustration #umt2016 @vixentael

  25. #umt2016 @vixentael Mars, 2035

  26. #umt2016 @vixentael Fedya-the-iOS- developer Mars, 2035

  27. What should I do?

  28. grow bees! #umt2016 @vixentael

  29. no code, no problem #umt2016 @vixentael

  30. if you don’t like bees, then..

  31. train your brain! #umt2016 @vixentael

  32. with whole team! #umt2016 @vixentael

  33. Our story

  34. #umt2016 @vixentael Skillz set: ✦ iOS iOS

  35. #umt2016 @vixentael BaaS Skillz set: ✦ iOS ✦ “backend” iOS

  36. #umt2016 @vixentael #umt2016 @vixentael Migration

  37. ✦ iOS ✦ “backend” ✦ devops ✦ support cloud hosted

    Skillz set: https://stanfy.com/blog/how-to-change-cloud-code-to-be-compatible-with-parse-server/ https://stanfy.com/blog/how-we-migrated-to-parse-server-adventures-with-heroku-and-why-we-broke-up/
  38. How to train your brain?

  39. Limited* variety of approaches #umt2016 @vixentael * by your skill

  40. #umt2016 @vixentael Wide* variety of approaches * constantly expanding, together

    with your skill set
  41. Learning how to learn a = Δv/t (acceleration of escaping

    from hell) #umt2016 @vixentael https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn/home/info
  42. #umt2016 @vixentael Knowledge Transformation Skills + Mental Models =

  43. #umt2016 @vixentael “I” shape “T” shape “M” shape functional skill

    broad knowledge deep knowledge across domains
  44. #umt2016 @vixentael We are stack X engineers, X is the

    best technology!
  45. We solve problems with the most appropriate tools! #umt2016 @vixentael

  46. Where are we heading?

  47. #umt2016 @vixentael senior manager

  48. #umt2016 @vixentael senior technologies superman manager

  49. Good engineers are valuable, like… how valuable? #umt2016 @vixentael

  50. #umt2016 @vixentael

  51. #umt2016 @vixentael

  52. What for?

  53. Rain of $$$!


  55. Being a superman is cool #umt2016 @vixentael

  56. What can stop us?

  57. It may looks like there’s nothing beyond your ecosystem

  58. None
  59. None
  60. Our ecosystem

  61. Other ecosystems?

  62. Not really Other ecosystems?

  63. Ecosystem #umt2016 @vixentael CocoaPods carthage SPM

  64. #umt2016 @vixentael Ecosystem CocoaPods carthage SPM gradle + maven

  65. #umt2016 @vixentael Ecosystem CocoaPods carthage SPM npm gradle + maven

  66. #umt2016 @vixentael Ecosystem CocoaPods carthage SPM npm pip gradle +


  68. One more story

  69. frustration!

  70. monitoring chart #umt2016 @vixentael

  71. monitoring chart #umt2016 @vixentael

  72. #umt2016 @vixentael crontab * */4 * * * docker exec

    parse_server bash -c 'node ./cloud/jobs/jobMarkVideosAsOld.js'
  73. #umt2016 @vixentael crontab 0 */4 * * * docker exec

    parse_server bash -c 'node ./cloud/jobs/jobMarkVideosAsOld.js'
  74. #umt2016 @vixentael result

  75. Frustration is pain. Pain motivates.

  76. Key points #umt2016 @vixentael ✦ there’s a world outside the

    bubble ✦ and it’s easy to reach ✦ I -> T -> M
  77. Thank you for listening! @vixentael Software Engineer / iOS developer

    at stanfy.com
  78. Fedya is waiting for your questions #umt2016 @vixentael