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Android 101 - DSC Summit Pakistan

Android 101 - DSC Summit Pakistan

The talk to motivate and encourage all 42 Google's Developer Student Leads (DSC) of Pakistan on why Android development is a great career choice and how they can motivate other university students to get in Android.


Wajahat Karim

October 19, 2019


  1. Wajahat Karim DSC Summit, Islamabad @WajahatKarim Android Dev 101 Android

    Development as a Career Option in 2019
  2. I am Wajahat Karim Hey There! 2

  3. None
  4. So, what’re we talking about?

  5. Sketching / Drawing Designing / Photoshop Animations / Adobe Flash

  6. Spider Magazine NUST SEECS, Isalamabd Zong Ideos - Froyo

  7. Final Year Project - Android Game

  8. 80+ Apps / Games for Android

  9. And The Open Sourcing Begins

  10. 243,826 + Downloads as of yesterday

  11. Join 100+ community of Pakistani android devs at: A

    new initiative to give recognition to android dev girls & motivate girls to get in android Send me your profile at: Top Medium Publication with 50k followers Community is Everything
  12. Let’s Talk about “How”?

  13. Current State of Android 2.5B+ Active Devices Android Everywhere 75B+

    App Installs in 2018
  14. But, I’m a student... Hardware Skills Ideas • Any Windows

    / Linux / Mac PC • Any cheap Android phone • Internet Connection • Basic Java / C++ • Kotlin is lot of fun • Other ways like Flutter, PWA • Apps for your student life • Portfolio apps • Competitions, Hackathons, Open Source like Hacktoberfest
  15. Resources to Learn • Android Docs ( • Google Codelabs

    ( • Udacity Nano Degree ( • Android Pub ( • Android Dev Chat (
  16. Certifications associate-android-developer

  17. You Thank you for attending this event. NIC Islamabad The

    event is hosted by them. Special Thanks 17 Google After all, its Google powered DSC Summit event.
  18. @WajahatKarim Any Questions?