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Firefighting planner

Firefighting planner


1.Introduce yourself (2 sec): What is your name and your team’s name?
Hi this is Daijiro and Minami, from team firefighting planner.

2. Lead us in (3 sec): What topic does your solution address, or what is your passion?
We addressed three pain points found in journey against wildfire.

3. Name your solution (5 sec): Provide a title and tagline to catch your audience’s attention (What do people gain? Where is the opportunity? What problem does it solve?)
Our solution, “Firefighting planner,” is a one-stop platform for citizens and firefighters to protect lives and nature together.

4. Describe your idea (10 sec): How does it work? (Display a prototype. Describe a user’s experience. Include how data and technology make your solution possible.)
As a citizen, I can report wildfires and ask for help.

As a firefight team manager, referring to satellite data and citizen reports, I can make and share my fire mitigation plan.

As a firefighter, I can learn from past fire suppression activities.

5. Look into the future (10 sec): Paint a picture (What will your idea change? Tantalize your audience with what it could be. What can your solution do for people, the world, and beyond?)
Our solution will reduce three painful numbers of wildfire: burned area, economic losses, and # of houses at risk.

Let’s save more lives and nature together.

Daijiro Wachi

October 27, 2019

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  1. Team: Firefighting planner Member: Daijiro, Minami Collaborative planning tool for

    firefighting against wildfire NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2019
  2. Addressed 3 pain points in journey against wildfire Source: Ars

    Technica, European Forrest Institute, Forest Stewards Guild Refrain from
 actions potentially
 trigger wildfire Predict wildfire Become aware
 of incidents Knowledge management Evacuation Firefighting 1. Communication and coordination among citizens and firefighters get more difficult/expensive as a wildfire spreads more broadly 2. Rapid firefighting planning is required since fire spreads exponentially 3. Learnings and skills from first-hand experiences are not fully shared among firefighters Journey 
 wildfire Pain points !
  3. Way forward Potential
 impact To realize
 the impact Reduction in

    burned area: ~8.8 mil acres burned in 2018 Reduction in losses: ~$12.5 bil insured losses from the 2017 October and December wildfires Reduction in # of homes at high risk: 4.5 mil US homes at high risk (2017) Collect more data to implement the accurate simulation model • Improve availability of satellite data (FIRMS): Minimize delay, increase grid granularity • Keep track of fire suppression activities day by day Test with real users to improve usability Discover more potential use cases (e.g., Earthquake) Source: National Interagency Fire Center, Insurance Information Institute, Verisk, Moody’s
  4. Let’s save more lives and nature together App https://firefighting-planner.dev GitHub

    https://github.com/watilde/firefighting-planner OpenNEX https://opennex.org/project/projectDetail/275 Deck https://speakerdeck.com/watilde/firefighting-planner Try our app!