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Git and Vim - maximize the joy and fun

Git and Vim - maximize the joy and fun

Follow me through my travel exploring the way to get Vim and Git running in a friendly coexistence.


Matthias Günther

January 23, 2015


  1. Vim and Git

  2. Who Am I @wikimatze Running vimberlin.de Writing padrinobook.com

  3. Workflows

  4. Terminal

  5. External Tool

  6. Vim …

  7. Plugins for Vim gitv fugitive vim-merginal

  8. gitv is a fugitive extension is a gitk/gitg clone =>

    for me it’s a tig clone see diffs commits, branching, and merging
  9. gitv commands :Gitv … opens only gitv :Gitv! … opens

    only commits which affects the current file yc … yanks the SHA of the commit co … checkout
  10. gitv demo

  11. fugitive “best Git wrapper of all time”

  12. fugitive commands I :Gstatus … git status C-n … go

    to the next file C-p … go to the previous file - … git add/git reset depending where you are in the windows (mark multiple files in visual mode) …
  13. fugitive commands II :Gwrite … stage the current file to

    index :Gcommit … git commit (press wq for send) :Gblame … git blame :Gremove … git rm
  14. fugitive commands III :Gpush … performs a git push :Gmove

    … rename the current file and add change to index :Gdiff … split the window
  15. fugitive demo

  16. Handling branches with vim-merginal :Merginal … opens the extra window

    C … checkout branch under the cursor A … add a branch from the current checked out branch under the cursor