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Nikita Sherman, Game Insight

November 21, 2018

Nikita Sherman, Game Insight

How We Shape Esports in Guns of Boom

(White Nights Conference Moscow 2018)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com


November 21, 2018

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  1. BUILDING MOBILE ESPORTS White Nights, Moscow 16.10.2018

  2. ABOUT GUNS OF BOOM 55 MILLIONS players in 1,5 years

    1 MILLION players online every day Most popular in: US, EU West, LATAM HUGE community: 2 MILLIONS followers BEST mobile FPS - by PocketGamer Trend of the Year Nominee - by Apple Best Mobile Game of the Year (2017) nominee

  4. CHALLENGES ‣ Ecosystem ‣ Audience ‣ Product ‣ Show ‣

    Community The game ≠ esport, BUT esport = the game
  5. $ ‣Retention ‣Marketing (product in action) ‣Brand awareness ‣LTV GOALS

  6. $200.000 Total prize pool INAUGURAL SEASON

  7. ‣ ProPlay Mode ‣ Unique technical integration ‣ Spectator Mode

    (+AR) ‣ In-game promo PRODUCT
  8. ‣ Structure/logic ‣ Platforms/broadcasts ‣ Media/SMM ‣ PR ‣ Community

  9. " Fully automated unique Guns of Boom & ESL world-first

    mobile in- game integration made by Guns of Boom team; " Mind-blowing spectator mode features available with the accustomed standard of the big PC titles; " Comprehensive in-game and media esports events and broadcasts promotion strategy in partnership with social networks. " $200.000 prize pot for the whole season; " More than 2k unique online viewers on the first GO4 broadcast without any promotion; " Guns of Boom professional esports team forZe formed of the well-known Guns of Boom CIS team TRIADA [ZEON] members. ESPORTS achievements
  10. Esports Gamer Regular Player VS 55 min / day 105

    min / day 16 days / month 24 days / month PLAYERS
  11. Let’s create mobile esports! ns@game-insight.com Nik Sherman Head of Strategy,

    Game Insight