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Philipp Karstaedt, META Games GmbH

March 13, 2019

Philipp Karstaedt, META Games GmbH

Make the Most of Your Publisher!

(White Nights Conference Berlin 2019)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com


March 13, 2019

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  2. Making the most of publishers ➢ Intro & Ground Rules

    ➢ Dancing with the devil Selecting your publisher and what to ask ➢ What to expect when expecting… ➢ The publisher lingo ➢ Ask your doctor… … if your publisher is right for you ➢ No choice == choice
  3. Who am I? ➢ Publishing Experience ➢ Development Experience GM

    Europe Producer / Portfolio COO & Co-Founder
  4. Ground Rules ➢ Experience mostly mobile, but applies to all

    platforms ➢ Presumes (some) commercial ambitions for your game
  5. Dancing with the devil ➢ Does your publisher fit with…

    - Your Game itself - Genre of your game - Your Audience - Your team’s skills
  6. What to expect… ➢ Overall checks - Right & Complete

    Skill Offers - Track record - Testimonials
  7. What to expect… ➢ Acquisition - Marketing Test / Audience

    Testing - Competitor Intelligence - Platform Relations
  8. What to expect… ➢ Retention - Live Ops Info /

    Integration - Game Design Help - Game Testing
  9. What to expect… ➢ Monetization - Monetization Design - BI

    Tools - Insight & Experience
  10. Speaking in Publisher Tongues ➢ Test, test, test ➢ KPI

    Orientation - Even if you are deep into it, accept some fundamental aspects of your game could change ➢ Accept their goals - Each pub has two main drivers a. Make a profit b. See their knowledge respected
  11. Ask your doctor… ➢ F2F Contact ➢ Good feels? -

    Reach out to other devs ➢ Communication style - Never okay to force, to appeal to authority, to overawe
  12. …if a publisher is right for you ➢ Get a

    good deal - Review the agreement with a lawyer - Push for changes - Simulate the implications
  13. When not to chose… ➢ Alternatives - Self-Publishing? - Consider

    outsourcing LO functions - Consider UA funding options ➢ Be realistic! - With your skills, your time, your priorities
  14. None
  15. Audience 300M+ MOBA Fans* 80M+ in NA/EU Gameplay Principles $75M+

    Revenue Last Year** 7 Years on the Market THE FIRST ESPORTS MANAGER GAME ON MOBILE Bringing together eSports fans and the most successful manager game on mobile *estimated on player and spectator numbers worldwide, all of them own a smartphone; ** https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-14/in-belgrade-yes-belgrade-an-unlikely-path-to-a-tech-hit
  16. MOBA BATTLE ROYALE We don’t do mobile eSports, we do

    eSports-themed mobile games Allowing eSports fans to engage with games around their main passion TYCOON GAME + + + FPS ESPORTS MANAGER FOR FPS ADVENTURE & PLAYER CAREER SIMULATOR
  17. The worlds first esports specific fund and company builder, with:

    ➢ €18m Seed Fund, invested into META seed round ➢ $125m Venture Fund, invested into META extended seed / Series A Additionally, we get… ➢ Best strategic partnerships ➢ Instantaneous knowledge sharing ➢ Leverage of shared marketing channels BITKRAFT Esports Ventures raises a $125M USD venture capital fund For Investors Intrigued and Confused by Esports, a VC Fund Opens BITKRAFT Launches With 18 Million Euro To Fund Esports Startups BITKRAFT Esports Ventures will invest in esports startups Access to a wide range of successful esports companies Incubation of BITKRAFT esports ventures
  18. [email protected] Questions?