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Έλενα Καλούτσικου - Onboarding & Engagement - The case of Arte Piedi

Έλενα Καλούτσικου - Onboarding & Engagement - The case of Arte Piedi

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October 20, 2018


  1. Onboarding & Engagement The case of

  2. Η Εταιρεία Η εταιρεία Arte Piedi P.C δραστηριοποιείται στο χώρο

    της κατασκευής, χονδρικής και λιανικής πώλησης γυναικείων υποδημάτων εδώ και 70 χρόνια. Τα προϊόντα με την υπογραφή Arte Piedi απευθύνονται στη σύγχρονη γυναίκα που δεν ακολουθεί τις τάσεις της μόδας, αλλά τις δημιουργεί! Στη γυναίκα με άποψη που θέλει να ξεχωρίζει σε κάθε της βήμα! www.artepiedi.gr
  3. None
  4. Our Goals  Increase Brand Awareness  Increase Sales 

    Increase Returning Customers  Increase our Social Media Community We measure our performance through Google, Facebook and Instagram Analytics constantly.
  5. Our Communication Strategy Mix AdWords

  6. Our Communication Strategy Mix  Started 2012  Stopped 09/2017

     Campaigns (Remarketing, Search, Display)  Biggest ROI: Branded Search Campaigns  Good for Brand Awareness at the time  Shift to Social Media We are thinking of starting AdWords again. Mainly on branded search campaigns and remarketing display.
  7. Our Communication Strategy Mix  Goal: Brand Awareness, Conversions 

    Customer Engagement Channel (messenger)  Biggest ROI: Dynamic Remarketing  Traffic Campaigns (Engagement, Video, Carousel)  Conversion Campaigns: Catalogue Campaigns  Audience & Lookalikes
  8. Our Communication Strategy Mix  Goal: Content Creation, Brand Creation,

    Engage with Customers  Selling Point  Insta Story Ads & Feed Ads  User Content  User Feedback
  9. Onboarding through Social Media

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