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It is not a sprint is a marathon… running your eshop - Ιωάννης Καστορίνης

It is not a sprint is a marathon… running your eshop - Ιωάννης Καστορίνης

Η παρουσίαση αφορά το business development σε παρέα με το marketing/data entry/dev actions για το eshop σου. Θα γνωρίσετε βασικούς κανόνες (Principles) για να αποφύγεις σύνηθη λάθη και πως μπορείς να έχεις μία μόνη διαδικασία ελέγχων βελτιώσεων.

WordPress Greek Community

April 09, 2022

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  1. It is not a sprint is a

    Marathon …

    Running your eshop
    By Ioannis Kastorinis

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  2. Ioannis Kastorinis
    Chief Operating O
    icer at

    Co-Organiser WordCamp Athens 2017 & 2019

    Volunteer Scouts & WordCamps Athens & Europe

    Happy father of 2 children who are still waking me up.
    WordCamp Athens 2022

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  3. WordCamp Athens 2022
    How the marathon begun

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  4. WordCamp Athens 2022

    the Marathon begins

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  5. My Marathon has
    1. Crazy phones

    2. Wrong product data entry

    3. Bugs bugs

    4. Fatal errors

    5. Broken feeds
    WordCamp Athens 2022

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  6. WordCamp Athens 2022
    Pain + Reaction = Progress

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  7. WordCamp Athens 2022
    Common problems
    1. Products are missing images

    2. Products do not have price or right price

    3. Stock status is wrong

    4. Duplicate Products

    5. Feeds XML - CSV are obsolete

    Facebook - Best Price - skroutz -
    BestPrice - Shop

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  8. WordCamp Athens 2022

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  9. WordCamp Athens 2022
    5 Steps Process
    Principles by Ray Dalio
    The most valuable Principle

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  10. WordCamp Athens 2022
    Create procedures
    1. Daily Product Checks - Reporting

    2. Daily Check Feeds

    3. Smarter Ways to update prices

    4. Quick ways to update stock

    5. Keep historical data for data reporting

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  11. WordCamp Athens 2022
    Tips & Tricks
    1. Checklists ( read The Checklist Manifesto )

    2. Selenium extension

    3. Hide products without Price


    4. Hide products without images


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  12. Thank you all !!!
    Ioannis Kastorinis
    WordCamp Athens 2022

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