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Learned in the past helps me

February 15, 2014

Learned in the past helps me

Self retrospective and what to learn


February 15, 2014

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  1. Learned in the past helps me @wtnabe Kanazawa.rb meetup #18

    2014-02-15 (Sat) at IT Plaza MUSASHI
  2. My Skills

  3. Recently Full-Stack Web Engineer from application env to front-end Certified

    Ruby Gold Programmer Ruby on Rails / PHP / JavaScript TDD and Continuous Integration
  4. Old Unix Sysadmin Web Development with LL Workflow Automation with

  5. Very Old Text and Data processing with Unix-tools

  6. Unix

  7. as my Lifeline

  8. Unix Philosophy

  9. Basics Small / Simple Do one thing Text file Filter

    cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy
  10. Tools Un*x have MANY commands Each command DO ONE THING

    well You can combine them as FILTER
  11. Learned tools in the past df ( disk ) ls,

    find, du ( file and directory ) diff, patch expand, unexpand ( tab code ) cat, split, wc
  12. Learned tools in the past sort, uniq, head, tail grep,

    awk cal
  13. Especially, Tools for Text Processing sort, uniq, head, tail, awk

  14. Text Processing

  15. Basics Search Replace Count Split and Concatenate Sort

  16. Regular Expression -- Search -- Many different REs but Majors

    are POSIX Extended and PCRE
  17. AWK -- Processing -- Filter-oriented Programming Language C-like and Shell-like

    Syntax Specialized for stdin / stdout
  18. Text Processing Most Internet Protocols depend on Text born from

    Unix platform Web Development as Text Processing
  19. Demo

  20. Learned lately tree, xargs, rlwrap, highlight, colordiff, kramdown, docutils, nkf,

    git, tig, irb, emacs, earthquake, gyunyu, mksgal, bundler, cheat, gisty, guard, node.js(npm)
  21. Conclusion

  22. What helps me ? Unix Philosophy Unix Platforms and Tools

    Basic Text Processing
  23. Recommends Small / Simple ( a.k.a. KISS ) Learn Tools

    and Philosophy that are Maturing and Sustaining Keep learning and enjoying !!