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Cross Platform Video Player

Shumpei Urabe
September 09, 2020

Cross Platform Video Player

Shumpei Urabe

September 09, 2020

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  1. Windows Set up Video sink (Enhanced Video Renderer) Set up

    Video source. Create a media type and set on the source and sink. Set up event handler for sink events. Srart the sample loop.
  2. mpv

  3. mpv • Famous as a video player. • Backend is

    ffmpeg. • There is a libmpv that can be used as a library.
  4. libmpv • embedded into other programs as video/audio playback backend.

    • Compared to other libraries, it is very simple to use.
  5. Basic Usage mpv_handle *ctx = mpv_create(); mpv_initialize(ctx); const char *cmd[]

    = {"loadfile", filename, NULL}; mpv_command(ctx, cmd);
  6. Tips • If you use libmpv, you can't handle the

    raw buffer. • mpv iOS build is pretty hard to do.
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