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Stripe におけるドキュメント周りのナレッジを Tips という形でご紹介させていただきました。


Yasuhiko Tokunaga

September 05, 2017


  1. ྑ͍Developer ExperienceΛ ఏڙ͢ΔυΩϡϝϯτͷTIPS Yasuhiko Tokunaga, User Operations D E V

    L R E L M E E T U P
  2. ಙӬ ߁඙ • User Operations @ Stripe • @y_toku

  3. None
  4. ྑ͍Developer ExperienceΛ ఏڙ͢ΔυΩϡϝϯτͷTIPS Yasuhiko Tokunaga, User Operations D E V

    L R E L M E E T U P
  5. HTTP R. F!e"d!ng UC Irv!ne J. Gettys Compaq/W3C J. Mogu"

    Compaq H. Frystyk W3C/MIT L. Mas!nter Xerox P. Leach M!crosoft T. Berners-Lee W3C/MIT June 1999 Network Work!ng Group Request for Comments: 2616 Obso"etes: 2068 Category: Standards Track Hypertext Transfer Protoco! -- HTTP/1.1 Status of th!s Memo Th!s document spec!f!es an Internet standards track protoco" for the Internet commun!ty, and requests d!scuss!on and suggest!ons for !mprovements. P"ease refer to the current ed!t!on of the "Internet Off!c!a" Protoco" Standards" (STD 1) for the standard!zat!on state and status of th!s protoco". D!str!but!on of th!s memo !s un"!m!ted. Copyr!ght Not!ce Copyr!ght (C) The Internet Soc!ety (1999). A"" R!ghts Reserved.
  6. HTTP 404 Not Found

  7. HTTP The requested resource could not be found but may

    be available again in the future. 403 Forbidden
  8. HTTP 402 Payment Required Reserved for future use.

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  12. const stripe = require('stripe') ('sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2'); const charge = await stripe.charges.create({

    amount: 1980, currency: 'jpy', source: 'tok_visa', description: 'Payment', statement_descriptor: 'Rocket Rides', destination: { amount: 800, account: 'driver_account_id' } }); 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  13. Engagement
 ਝ଎ͳಋೖ T I P # 1

  14. ਺ඵͰࢼͤΔ

  15. ਺ඵͰࢼͤΔ

  16. ਺ඵͰࢼͤΔ

  17. ਺ඵͰࢼͤΔ

  18. ਺ඵͰࢼͤΔ

  19. ϓϩάϥϛϯάݴޠ ΑΓଟ͘ͷݴޠΛαϙʔτ T I P # 2

  20. ͦΕͧΕͷݴޠͰ εχϖοτΛ༻ҙ <p> On your server, grab the Stripe token

 the POST parameters submitted by your form. From there, it’s one simple API call to charge the card: </p> <% code_tutorial :tutorial_charge_create %>
  21. υΩϡϝϯτ ύʔιφϥΠζԽ͔ͭಈత T I P # 3

  22. J A M E S Y U , C O

    - F O U N D E R O F PA R S E The way to a developer’s heart is great documentation.” “
  23. υΩϡϝϯτͷύʔιφϥΠζԽ Personalizing the documentatio

  24. υΩϡϝϯτͷύʔιφϥΠζԽ Personalizing the documentatio

  25. υΩϡϝϯτͷύʔιφϥΠζԽ Personalizing the documentatio

  26. ࣮ࡍʹମݧͰ͖Δ Demo

  27. ࣮ࡍʹମݧͰ͖Δ Demo

  28. ϢʔβσʔλΛ༻͍ͨಈతυΩϡϝϯτ

  29. ϢʔβσʔλΛ༻͍ͨಈతυΩϡϝϯτ

  30. ιʔείʔυ͔Β API ϦϑΝϨϯεΛੜ੒ class ChargeAPIResource < AbstractAPIResource required :amount, Integer

    required :currency, String … document :amount, 'A positive integer in the…' document :currency, 'Three-letter ISO currency…' … end
  31. Τϥʔίʔυͱϝοηʔδ
 ຊ౰ʹ໾ʹཱͭ΋ͷΛઃܭ͢Δ T I P # 4

  32. ߴ౓ͳΤϥʔϝοηʔδ >> Stripe::Customer.create Stripe::AuthenticationError: No API key provided. Set your

    API key using "Stripe.api_key = <API-KEY>". You can generate API keys from the Stripe web interface. See for details, or email if you have any questions.
  33. ߴ౓ͳΤϥʔϝοηʔδ >> Stripe.api_key = "BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
 >> Stripe::Charge.retrieve("ch_17SOe5QQ2exd2S") Stripe::InvalidRequestError: (Status 404)

    No such charge: ch_17SOe5QQ2exd2S; a similar object exists in live mode, but a test mode key was used to make this request.
  34. ϦΫΤετϩάΛશͯ࢒͢

  35. Support T I P # 5

  36. ςΫχΧϧαϙʔτΛదٓߦ͏

  37. API ͷΞοϓσʔτ
 όʔδϣϯΞοϓ͞Εͯ΋ ϢʔβͷίʔυΛյ͞ͳ͍ T I P # 6

  38. API όʔδϣϯͷޓ׵ੑ

  39. API Ξοϓσʔτ࣌ͷ Gate ͷ׆༻ :versions: - :version: 2016-07-06 :new_gates: -

    :gate: hide_canceled_subscriptions :description: >- You can now view canceled subscriptions
 by specifying `status=canceled` or `status=all` when listing subscriptions. In addition, you can now retrieve a canceled subscription by its ID.
  40. API ͷΞοϓάϨʔυʹؔ͢Δϒϩά

  41. Think bigger
 Developer Success Λ໨ࢦ͢ T I P # 7

  42. RunKit Λ࢖ͬͯ΋ͬͱγϯϓϧʹ

  43. RunKit Λ࢖ͬͯ΋ͬͱγϯϓϧʹ

  44. Thank you! Yasuhiko Tokunaga, User Operations