A Host of Benefits Through the World of Sports

A Host of Benefits Through the World of Sports

It's essential that schools include physical education into their curriculum, as children must be properly educated about their health and how exercise effects it. Additionally, sports help other areas of development rather than just physical development. By making physical education available, schools are assisting in the development of their student's cognitive, social and emotional development.
YCIS Shanghai understands that physical education is important and above all, necessary, as it helps students achieve excellence in all facets of life. Therefore YCIS has developed an intricate programme that looks to positively affect those who participate in physical education. YCIS also offers a wide range of extra-curricular sports, which has been known to even further develop the positive characteristics that sports enforce. As you look to promote positive habits in your child, remember that the benefits of sports is substantial, and could help them achieve greatness in the future.


YCIS Shanghai

October 17, 2013