How to Make Your University Application Impressive

How to Make Your University Application Impressive

The university application process can be a huge source of stress for graduating high school students, as many of them already have their ideal, "dream" university choices picked out. In order to get accepted into these universities, students should ensure that they make their application one that will impress university application panels. By being prepared for the steps of: before, during, and after the application process; students can alleviate stress and increase the chances for university acceptance.

Quick Overview:
How To Make Your University Application Impressive
Before You Begin
- YCIS & the University Guidance Programme
- Teams, Associations & Clubs
- Volunteering & Work Experience
During the Application Process
- Needed
- Possible Requirements
After You're Finished
- Waiting?
- Accepted?


YCIS Shanghai

October 12, 2013