Tips on How to Prepare for the IGCSE Exams

Tips on How to Prepare for the IGCSE Exams

The Cambridge IGCSE exams are internationally recognised as a marker of academic excellence by both universities and employers. These exams are taken during the ages of 14 and 16, and have been included in many international school curricula. Before the exam, it's important that parents, teachers and students build a plan of action together, so they are properly prepared for the IGCSEs. YCIS Shanghai has created a system where their team is well equipped to support and aid students as they move forward to achieve greatness. This presentation includes tips for students that best prepare them before the exam, and even some advice for when they take the exam itself.

When taking such an intense examination, always remember that it's important to create a detailed preparation plan, and that you must stay motivated in order to achieve greatness.


YCIS Shanghai

October 17, 2013