Advantages of Sending Your Children to an International School in Shanghai

Advantages of Sending Your Children to an International School in Shanghai

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Educational benefits of an international education in Shanghai, China for developing well-rounded, globally minded students.


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August 13, 2013



  2. Shanghai – Schooling Options Shanghai is the largest city in

    China, with plenty of public local and private international options for schooling. However the city itself has an remarkable schooling record: •  First to achieve 100% primary and junior high school enrollment •  One of the first to achieve almost collective secondary school attendance •  Notable is that all students in Shanghai who want to attend some type of higher education are able to do so. Shanghai is a city fueled by a merging of diversity, and it embraces differing populations and integrates children into its various classrooms. "Shanghai Pudong At Night"
  3. Benefits of an International School When you move overseas there

    are many reasons why it is sensible to choose an international school for your children over a local school: Language International School Reputation Teachers Diverse Student Body Extra curricular Activities Curriculum Peace of mind for parents
  4. Language Additionally because the school is taught in a foreign

    country it means that it also gives your child the right environment to learn the local language The benefit of studying in a mainly English environment is that your children will understand and be able to learn better if they are learning in their native tongue. You will need to decide accordingly where you want to send your children. The language used in the school will depend on where the school has its origins, but the majority of international options will teach mainly in English.
  5. Teachers Private schools are able to recruit the best teachers,

    as they are able to offer a higher salary. Teachers come from around the world, so it exposes your children to a multi cultural lifestyle. The teachers will be able to speak either English or the native tongue of the school in which they are working.
  6. Curriculum The curriculum of an international school will change depending

    on the school itself. Most follow the same curriculum as schools in the country of origin. But others will follow international curriculums, the 2 most common being: International Baccalaureate National Curriculum for England This means that you can take your child abroad and still know that they are studying the same subjects that they would be back home. Also, if you move back at some point, you know there will be no issues with your children lacking the same information and classes, making the transition between schools easier.
  7. Diverse Student Body Due to the international appeal of these

    schools, the student body ends up being a mixture of different cultures and native languages. Children will be able to learn about different cultures from their peers They are more likely to find friends who speak their native language or English compared to a local school This way children learn to tolerate and get along with people with different cultures and beliefs
  8. International School Reputation International schools are highly respected around the

    world and known for producing the highest possible education for their students. Coming from a highly reputable school will boast your child’s chances of getting into a university, and will benefit his or her CV In recent years it has become increasingly important for a student’s high school application to stand out if they wish to attend the popular universities Attending an international school, especially one with added extra-curricular activities and field trips, will give your child an advantage.
  9. Extra Curricular Activities An important part of every child’s time

    at school is the extra-curricular activities that the school provides. All of these activities make a difference in a school. International schools are more likely to provide activities that are the same or similar to ones you would find in your home country. Sports Performances (Music, Drama, Debate, etc.) Fine Arts (Sculpting, Painting, etc.) Tutoring
  10. Peace of Mind for Parents Putting your child in an

    international school in a foreign country will give you peace of mind, as you know that they are in an environment that will nourish them socially, intellectually and physically. Parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are: Safe and secure Learning how to become successful and responsible adults Encouraged to partake in self- improvement activities Engaging socially with peers of different cultures and languages Being taught by high quality teachers "Thumbs-up Family Posing In Style" by photostock
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